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Dragon USB Cables

USB History

In the middle of the 1990s one thing was clear - we were headed for a mess. Technology was speeding toward the kind of traffic jam the cool stuff everyone wanted and could imagine might never get out of without standards. Proprietary had to give way to easy, collaborative, collectively designed and agreed upon.

The biggest players at the time from Microsoft, Intel and IBM to Compaq and Nortel created the Universal Serial Bus (USB). They created a logo, agreed to cable and connection “standards” and left ongoing support and evolution to the USB Implementers forum.

USB Certified

The team’s work was so good USB spread beyond computers and the peripherals from the mid 1990s (external drives, printers) living on to influence smartphones and a new generation of portable musical devices. The USB category shares how to connect musical devices from smartphones to DACs, DAPs, earphones and In-Ear-Monitors (IEMs) via the miracle of the Universal Serial Bus (USB).

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