Everything You Need to Know About USB

USB Audio

USB Audio Magazine is your all-inclusive information guide with instructionals, comparisons, connections, and everything you need to know about connecting your Hifi gear via Universal Serial Bus.

Universal Serial Bus

From keyboards to DACs, USB connects a broad range of peripheral devices — and it has a number of different connectors. These articles will help you find the right cable for your gear, whether it takes Type A or Type C, Standard, Mini or Micro.

USB for Apple

Black Dragon USB to Lighting Cable

Apple's proprietary nature can make it hard to find the right cable for your device. Here's a quick guide to pairing Apple cables with Apple Certified DRAGON cables that fit your hifi gear.

USB for Android

Silver Dragon USB Form Fit Cable

Android devices are much easier to connect. Here are a few common options for hifi listening on your Android devices.

A Brief History

USB certified

In the middle of the 1990s one thing was clear — we were headed for a mess. Technology was speeding forward, developing and engineering all of the cool toys consumers wanted without universal standards. Proprietary technology had to concede to collaborative, collectively-designed and agreed upon specifications.

The biggest players at the time — from Microsoft, Intel and IBM to Compaq and Nortel — created the Universal Serial Bus (USB). They created a logo, agreed to cable and connection standards, and left ongoing support and evolution to the USB Implementers forum.

The team’s work was so good that USB spread beyond computers and accessories, living on to influence smartphones and a new generation of portable musical devices. In the world of high-end audio, you can connect anything from DAPs and DACs to in-ear monitors and music servers, all through the miracle of the Universal Serial Bus.