Dragon USB Audio Cables

USB Music - Connecting Popular DACs & Amps

Since the next USB Music section explains how to connect popular DACs, Amps and DAPs featuring Moon Audio Dragon Audio Cables a brief summary of our cable goals should prove helpful. Sound signatures vary by brand, product and supporting equipment.

Matching equipment strengths and compensating for challenges requires the art and science of headphones hacking - Moon-Audio.com’s founder Drew Baird’s specialty. Below we describe our cable sound goals. How our cables match with your equipment, musical preferences and budget is worth a chat (email [email protected] with Dragon Question as the subject and your question for Drew).

Silver Dragon Cable

Silver Dragon Audio Cables bring Clarity

Silver Dragon audio cables are made with the highest grade silver wire (99.99998% silver) to clarify instrument separation, increase soundstage and find previously lost high and mid frequency sounds (music). Customers share feelings of being “in” the music, hearing beloved tracks anew and astonishment at the clarity and beauty our Silver Dragon cables reveal.

Black Dragon Cable

Black Dragon Audio Cables lend Warmth

Black Dragon audio cables are made with the highest grade copper wire (99.99998% copper) to enhance music’s body, shape, warmth and immediacy. Black Dragon’s copper cables provide warmth, body and soul. Customers marvel at how Black Dragon cables can solve headphones sound signature and musical challenges.

Blue Dragon Cable

Blue Dragon Audio Cables maintain Neutrality

We designed our Blue Dragon audio cables to perform a bit like Silver and Black Dragon audio cables, but at a value price to help those new to cable upgrades realize and hear sound benefits before further commitment or budget. Some Blue Dragon customers never “level up” to Silver or Black Dragons while many become “hooked” on how much better music they love sounds.