Silver Dragon Cable V3 for AKG Headphones

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NEW Silver Dragon V3 Custom Headphone Cable for AKG K712 Pro, K702, Q701, K271 MKii K240 MKii & other AKG Studio headphones that use the mini 3pin XLR connection. The Silver Dragon V3 can improve the listening enjoyment of most high end headphones and it has lots of detail, great energy, a fantastic soundstage with lots of air.

Other Headphones with this connection: Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2 Professional DJ Headphones & Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO or  DT 1990 PRO studio reference headphones

Dragon Audio Cables

Quality You Can Trust

Most stock headphone cables are made of poor, ultra-thin conductors that work as a bottleneck for sound. Poor geometries, no shielding, rubber jackets, and a whole host of other issues in OEM (stock) cables can limit the performance of the headphone driver in terms of clarity and definition.

Dragon Cables are handcrafted from quality materials in Moon Audio's offices in Cary, North Carolina. All of our cables are created with ultra pure, single-crystal silver and copper strands and engineered to provide the cleanest, most musical presentation. Our wire is void of impurities and crystalline boundaries, leaving nothing between you and your music.

Silver Dragon Sound Signature

The Silver Dragon is the original cable. Silver strands clarify instrument separation, increase soundstage, and find previously lost high and mid-frequency sounds. Transients appear more cohesive and the bass tighter for a more controlled sound. The detail and clarity of the Silver Dragon make it a perfect match for classical music and other genres with many nuanced instruments.

For more information on finding your signature sound, visit our Sound Signature Guide.

Silver Dragon Sound Signature

Cable Design

The previous version used 4 x 99.998% Ultra Pure Silver 24AWG Teflon insulated stranded conductors. Thus we have stepped up the purity to the purist available by today's technology.

We have improved the conductor properties over the previous Version 2 cable as these conductors are free from impurities and have virtually no crystal boundaries. The conductors have almost no distortion compared to ordinary silver conductors.

Each conductor is made up of a special varying sized stranded geometry. The silver strandings are mixed with Kevlar standing's to reinforce the conductor. Making it stronger overall and less prone to failure due to the harsh constant flexing that headphone cable experience.

Each conductor is encapsulated in a Teflon casing.

The conductors are then surrounded by cotton and a thin layer of Aluminum Foil.

It is then protected by a 100% coverage silver plated copper secondary shield and placed in a polyethylene jacket for further protection.

To improve its flexibility we are no longer using a Techflex jacketing as we did with our previous versions.

A variety of connection options are available for your downstream connection. Such as the mini plug, RCA, XLR and a whole host of others. We custom build these in-house to your connection specification.

The cable can be used in either a single-ended or balanced design. The wire is soldered to the connectors using high-quality Cardas silver solder.

Hack Your Headphones

Hack Your Headphones

Dragon Cables are an easy do-it-yourself upgrade to your favorite headphones with detachable cables. With a wide array of connection options, a plug-and-play cable is just a few clicks away.

We also offer custom headphone hacks for your hard-wired cans, like many Grado, Sennheiser or AKG headphones. For more information on custom headphone modifications, visit our Hack Your Headphones portal.


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4 x 24 AWG
99.99998% UP-OCC Silver
Varying Size Stranding
Cardas Silver Solder
Aluminum Foil, Braided Wire Shield
Silver Polyethylene


Silver Dragon
Fullsize Headphone
Sound Signature
Break-In Time
80 Hours

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Oozes quality
Fantastic quality cable, I seriously cannot praise them enough. Pairs well with my DT1990 Pros!
October 10, 2019
1 month ago
Must have if you want a true audiophile perception of sound from your AKG.
The cable is excellent. It really opened up the headphones creating a more expansive soundstage. It also provided a more a curate definition of the instruments especially in orchestral music. It is truly recommended if you keep your AKG..
May 8, 2019
1 year ago
Silver Dragon V3 Cable for AKG Headphones
After upgrading my usb cable to a Silver Dragon USB version, I thought my AKG K712 Pro's were pretty much maxed out on quality. It was such an improvement, I was thinking that it couldn't improve much more than that. Boy, I was completely wrong.

The Silver Dragon V3 headphone cable really improved overall sound on top of what the usb cable did. Soundstage is amazing, the bass is tighter/punchier, and separation between instruments/vocals are also amazing. Also, there is less or no sibilance from the vocals now. Another way I could describe the sound is now the overall sound is more three dimensional.

Here's my setup:

Headphones: AKG K712 Pro
Dac/Amp: Schiit Jotunheim, set to high gain
USB cable: Moon Audio Silver Dragon USB A => B, 6ft.
Headphone cable: Moon Audio Silver Dragon Cable for AKG Headphones V3
Music Source: Tidal HiFi
March 22, 2017
Your cable is Excellent ! It is improving my AKG 's performance, my delivery was fast ! Thanks again !,

HIGH quality !,,
February 16, 2017
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