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8SS Universal IEM

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Specially designed for the recording engineer, the QDC 8SS features 8 micro-bala… More details

Specially designed for the recording engineer, the QDC 8SS features 8 micro-balanced armatures, 4-way sound channels, and a 4-way crossover circuit.

Free cable

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Black Dragon IEM V2 cable included in the box.

8 Armature Studio

It is specially designed for recording engineer and producer. 8 Armature Studio adopts 8 micro balanced armature Armatures, 4 way sound channels, 4-way crossover circuit with independent frequency bands. It is specially designed for recording engineer and producer, fits all music styles, more accurate, balanced and smooth after professional debugging. Compared to any other brands, the middle-high frequency details of qdc monitor increases multiply, low middle and high frequency present decorous, clear and sweet, no superfluous embellishing to sound, perfectly reflecting all the details of sound, fully releasing the tone quality and whole sound effect, which brings a superlative clear hearing feast. The monitor’s superior frequency response, low distortion and incomparable resolution can restore every sound detail, provide the professional accurate criterion. qdc monitor also offers optional customized appearance, personalized design patterns, characters, color can also be customized for external faceplate.


qdc monitors have been calibrated by top sound engineers and professional musicians to provide the best possible sound quality. They feature a wide frequency response, small stain, abundant sound detail, and accurate sound field positioning without losing the sense of encirclement. The sound is crisp and clear with high-resolution middle-high frequency but not too much modification. The transient response is innately excellent for a balanced armature, attaching equal importance to designing both form and function. Middle-frequency density is improved over moving coil, thoroughly reproducing the rich emotion of music.

What's in the box?

  • 8SH IEMs
  • Storage Box
  • Ear Fit Kit
  • Cleaning Tool
  • 1/4" Adapter
  • Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Black Dragon IEM V2 cable

Press and Reviews

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Moon Audio

QDC 8SS IEM Review
by Sara Schweiger

Headphone Guru Review

by Steve
Feb. 2020


Technical Features

112dB SPL/mW
Frequency response
Armature units
8 micro balanced armature
Noise isolation
Monitor plug
3.5mm(1/8") connector
First 10 orders include Black Dragon IEM V2 cable, otherwise not included
Connection Type
Shell color
Technical feature
4 sound channels
4 crossover
standard 8SS
Recommend for
monitor and music enthusiast


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