Update Your Gryphon Firmware


iFi has implemented fixes for the volume issue on the Gryphon

I did experience a max volume blowout when connecting the Gryphon to my iPhone only once. It defaulted to the max volume when changing the input selection settings and reconnecting the DAC to the phone. I could not recreate this from happening again, but I'm sure it could. It's best to disconnect your headphones when changing inputs and manually turning the device volume down when you know it is properly connected before plugging back in your headphones.

Luckily, iFi has released a firmware fix.

How to Update Your Gryphon Firmware


Click the link above to redirect to the official iFi website. There you will find two tabs: one for software and the other for firmware. You'll need to make sure your Gryphon drivers are up to date on your PC, so download and install the latest drivers to make sure your Gryphon works properly for the update. Note that your xDSD Gryphon serial number should start with: 15030 to make sure you are downloading the correct drivers. Then head over to the firmware tab and download the version you want to install. Keep in mind that the latest version at the time of writing is v1.53 for Windows and Mac, and v215 for Android and Apple, depending on how you are wanting to install the firmware. iFi has included PDF instructions to walk you through the rest of the process step by step.

What changes does the newest firmware bring?

  • Added maximum Volume Limiter option (60%, 80%, 95%, OFF). Default is OFF with maximum volume set to 100%.
    • Go to Settings (hold down GEAR button for 3 seconds), turn VOLUME knob to Volume Limiter, press VOLUME button to select, then turn VOLUME knob to select a percentage. Press GEAR button to exit settings.
      • To use: turn VOLUME down to Mute (minimum volume), short press VOLUME button once to unmute.
    • When Volume Limiter is set at 60%, the maximum volume is 66db.
      • To use, set to Mute, volume jumps to 49db after a short press on the VOLUME button.
    • When Volume Limiter is set at 80%, the maximum volume is 86db.
      • To use, set to Mute, volume jumps to 64db after a short press on the VOLUME button.
    • When Volume Limiter is set to 95%, the maximum volume is 100db.
      • To use, set to Mute, volume jumps to 75db after a short press on the VOLUME button.
    • When Volume Limiter is set to OFF, the maximum volume is 106db.
      • To use, set to Mute, volume jumps to 79db after a short press on the VOLUME button.
  • Added volume synchronization option in Settings.
  • Added volume soft ramp option in Settings.
  • Added volume lock function. To lock/unlock volume control, short press VOLUME button and XSpace/XBass button simultaneously.
  • When volume control is locked, a small lock icon appears on the screen.
  • Fine tuned volume stepping. Volume level below 100: low gain. Volume level above Turbo 101+: high gain.
  • Updated volume LED light indicator: blue: 1 ~ 21, purple: 22 ~ 41, magenta: 42 ~ 61, green: 62 ~ 79, yellow: 80 ~ 97, red: 98 ~ 106
  • Optimized battery full charge voltage detection. Charging time is about 2.5 hours with a high-power charger.
  • Updated menu display.
  • Updated Screen Brightness Setting as follows:
    • High: Screen is displayed in high brightness. If no key press after 10 minutes, display will be reduced to low brightness. Press any key to restore high brightness display.
    • Low: Screen is always displayed in low brightness.
    • Off: Screen is displayed in low brightness, if no key press after 10 seconds, screen will be turned off. Press any key to restore low brightness display.

Now, this is not a reason to avoid the xDSD Gryphon or iFi. In fact, it's just the opposite. It's promising that a brand releases a fix so quickly after identifying an issue. Read more about my experience with the Gryphon and the iFi line up and watch our full coverage below.  

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