Matrix Audio X-SPDIF-2 Digital Interface Unboxing | Moon Audio

X-SPDIF 2 USB Interface


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A true high-resolution USB audio interface with I/O for any setup. More details

Matrix Audio X-SPDIF-2 Digital Interface Unboxing | Moon Audio

The X-SPDIF 2 is the latest generational update of the popular USB interface from Matrix Audio. The X-SPDIF 2 makes some great quality-of-life improvements so that you can incorporate your USB sources and devices into whatever system and configuration you desire. Matrix Audio has added a new IIS port, helping to prevent loss caused by digital signal protocol conversion. The X-SPDIF also has its own clock and FPGA processing unit so you're getting every bit from your high-resolution music data.

The X-SPDIF 2 is perfect for those wanting to utilize the USB connection from your source, and the box has plenty of outputs for various compatibility. It's a small device with huge gains for anyone looking to integrate a digital interface.

Dragon Cable Recommendation: Our top cable recommendations to pair with the X-SPDIF 3 are the Black Dragon USB Cable, the Black Dragon Digital Coax Cable, and the Black Dragon AES Digital Cable. The Black Dragon USB Cable is our copper-based USB cable which offer the best performance and resolution for the digital audio transmission. The Black Dragon Digital cable is second in the hierarchy of Moon Audio digital cables. It is very smooth and does not have an overly warm signature. It is natural-sounding with great dynamics and detail. The Black Dragon AES Digital Cable is recommended for all your high-end balanced audio digital applications.

Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 USB Interface

New Upgrades for a New Level of Audio

The Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 is designed with a new USB Audio Class 2.0 asynchronous digital interface and expands upon the already great-sounding foundation of the previous product generation. You can connect digital audio stream receiver devices through the newly-added IIS port to avoid loss caused by digital signal protocol conversion. The X-SPDIF 2 has a built-in high-quality femtosecond clock and an FPGA processing unit. It can playback up to 32bit/768kHz PCM audio streams and 1bit/22.4MHz DSD audio streams.

More Powerful X-CORE Processing

The new generation XMOS U208 is an 8-core digital signal processing unit. It has both powerful multi-core and multi-threaded processing capabilities and it is the industry's most advanced USB Class 2.0 digital audio solution.

XMOS processor chip
XILINX SPARTAN processing chip

FPGA Control Center Means Better Audio Quality

The strong XILINX Spartan FPGA control center assists the XMOS in managing and assigning the clock, processing of DoP transcoding, as well as jitter reduction for the IIS port.

Audiophile Crystal Oscillators

The X-SPDIF 2 uses 2 Accusilicon high-quality femtosecond clocks as reference clock sources, which work at the state of 44.1kHz, 48kHz, and their multiple sample rates. The FPGA automatically controls the frequency assignment and switching, and the femtosecond clock has independent ultra-low noise LDO power supply.

Accusilicon femtosecond clocks
X-SPDIF 2 power supply units

Multi-level LDO

The power supply units of the X-SPDIF 2 are constructed by multi-level, multi-group LDOs, and solid capacitors. They can filter out the superimposed noise from the power supply effectively. All the circuits that are powered by low-noise or ultra-low-noise LDOs are designed to avoid the high-frequency switch noise caused by the DC circuit. You can also get high-quality power from the USB bus.

Configurable IIS Port

The X-SPDIF 2 supports different standards of IIS, it can be compatible with different devices by configuring the IIS definition switch. The DoP converting function transcodes the DoP audio stream to native DSD stream output from the IIS port.

X-SPDIF 2 IIS definition switch
X-SPDIF 2 power supply ports

External Power Supply Supported

The X-SPDIF 2 has a power supply interface, and you can add an external linear power supply to it. It will disconnect the USB bus power automatically when you connect it to an external power, then the X-SPDIF 2 can work with mobile devices.

CNC Aluminum Chassis

In order to get the best electromagnetic shielding performance, to minimize the impact of mechanical vibration, the X-SPDIF 2 is still designed with a CNC aluminum chassis. Despite being a complicated design and process, Matrix Audio did not cut any corners with the X-SPDIF 2, making it the perfect companion for your system if you are wanting to integrate a high-quality USB interface.

X-SPDIF aluminum chassis

Warranty Information

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