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Black Dragon Coax Digital Cable


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The Black Dragon Digital cable is second in the hierarchy of Moon Audio digital cables. It is very smooth and does not have an overly warm signature.

It is natural sounding with great dynamics and detail. The cable is stiffer than our other cables, so take this into account when choosing your custom length.

With all digital cables, we recommend a 4.5 ft cable or longer in order to help reduce the potential of jitter.

The Black Dragon is an all copper designed 75ohm digital cable and its great for either audio or video connection needs. We are using the Cardas SCRA connector, which is Cardas 's top of the line RCA. It offers an excellent tight fit.

This male RCA connector is made of non-magnetic,  eutectic Brass,  Rhodium/Silver plate, with a gold plated Brass cover and spring loaded ground for a very tight fit.

The Black Dragon can also be fitted with the Furutech BNC connectors for an extra $10 per end.

The center conductor is solid core high purity copper 18awg wire.  Wrapped around the center conductor is a FPE center core, this is the best dielectric used in the coax cable market. For shielding, the core is first wrapped in a 100% coverage  copper braided jacket that is soldered to the ground contact at both ends of the cable.

A second shield is added with a pvc separation between first and second shield . A capacitor is added between the second shield and the ground contact at the receiving end while being soldered directly to the ground contact at the source end.

The Cardas connectors are treated with Caig Labs ProGold Conditioning Treatment to provide the best electrical contact possible.  

I recommend cleaning your connectors once a year no matter what the plating of  the connector is. The wire is soldered to the connectors with Cardas silver solder. The Cable is then covered in 2 layers of Techflex  braid to protect  the cable and make it Pretty:).

We recommend at a min. a 40hr break-in time for the cable.

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