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Save up to $599 on portable players and DAP Bundles



Save up to $1,400 on B-Stock items, including LCD-MX4 headphones.



Save up to $1,000 on B-Stock items, including BP173 Preamplifier.

Dragon Audio Cables

Dragon Cables

Get a free Blue Dragon Power Cable with the purchase of an eligible item.



Save 10% on Clear Pro headphones and Shape bookshelf speakers.



Save up to $800 on the Jade II system and Ananda Headphones.



Get 2 Years Free of Qobuz Streaming with Brooklyn Bridge

Questyle Audio


Save up to $300 on QP1R, CMA Twelve, and CMA400i while supplies last.

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Holiday Bells


Discover premium gifts for the audiophiles on your list.

Festive Holiday Coffee

Music Lovers

Find everyday audio gifts for you favorite music lovers.

Holiday Wreath with Paper Poinsettia


Uncover entry-level gifts for audiophiles-in-training.

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Dragon Audio Cables
Chord Electronics
Astell&Kern Music Players
Focal Headphones
Audeze Headphones
Roon Labs
Mytek DACs & Amps
JH Audio IEMs
Questyle Audio Engineering
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Shure Electronics
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Hack Your Headphones

Whether you go the DIY route or turn to one of our experts, hacking your headphones is a smart way to achieve the sound signature you desire.

DIY Upgrades

DRAGON Audio Cables

Dragon Audio Cables

Upgrade your headphones with Dragon Audio Cables and make even the best headphones sound better.

Silver Dragon Audio Cables

Clear Instrument Separation and Increased Soundstage

Black Dragon Audio Cables

Warm and Smooth with a Musical Presentation

Bronze Dragon Audio Cables

Warm and Robust to Round Out Flat Signatures

Blue Dragon Audio Cables

Neutral for Improving Dynamics without Coloration