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Complete your Bryston T setup with this subwoofer. Mini in size, but not quality the Mini T represents a great option.

The Bryston Mini T Subwoofer was built to be exceptionally high quality and affordable, while bringing superior design to the table. New driver designs, enclosure vibration analysis, crossover refinement, and anechoic chamber testing all went into creating an amazing product.

When the bass in any audio system is right, the impact and depth can rattle your core. Correct bass is tight, tuneful, fast, dynamic and deep. Just like any other speaker, a subwoofer should be accurate, and Bryston's subs deliver on all counts.


The Mini T Sub, being somewhat smaller, plays with exceptional authority down to 25Hz at the same 108dB output level as the larger model.


Utilizing multiple 8 inch sub-bass drivers provides an enormous amount of displacement capability to move air -just what is needed for dynamic bass output. Visually similar to those found in the full range Bryston speakers, the drivers feature custom suspensions which allow very long throw and custom voice coils which can take a punishing amount of power over long periods of time without suffering compression, distortion, or thermal breakdown.


This subwoofer amplifier operates in a Class D configuration in order to supply large amounts of power quickly for dynamic range and control, but features a classic linear power supply which can provide current on demand without polluting the signal path with high frequency switching noise commonly found on competitive subwoofer amplifiers.


Black fabric grilles are provided. Also with the speaker comes padded feet and spikes each of which may be screwed into threaded inserts found at the base of the loudspeaker. Padded feet (pictured) are suitable for protecting hard floors. Spikes are recommended for carpet.

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  • High levels of SPL without distortion or compression
  • Unit to Unit matching
  • Bryston internal crossovers, designed to integrate perfectly with Bryston Amplifiers
  • Custom designed drivers with die-cast aluminium baskets, substantial magnet assemblies, and custom motor systems
  • Wide dispersion design
  • Engineered to prevent cabinet resonances


  • Powered Subwoofer, 2x8" bass drivers, 600W Bryston Amp
  • Input: RCA and XLR with daisy-chain outputs, high level binding posts, Trigger
  • Adjustments: Level, Low pass, Polarity
  • Includes: Grilles, spikes, rubber feet
  • Dimensions: 10.5" x 24" x 16.75" plus feet
  • Frequency Response: 25Hz to 150Hz (+/- 3dB)
  • Maximum SPL: 108 dB SPL @ 1 meter (anechoic)
  • Power: 600 watts RMS
  • Woofer: Double 8.0"
  • Crossover: 40 Hz, 60 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz, and 150 Hz


  • Black Ash (Wood)
  • Natural Cherry (Wood)
  • Boston Cherry (Wood)
  • Custom Veneer (Additional Cost)



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