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Chord Mojo Magazine is your all-inclusive information guide with instructionals, comparisons, connections, and everything you need to know about Chord's most popular digital-to-analog converter and its accessories.

Affordable Portability

Chord's Mojo (Mobile Joy) digital-to-analog converter and headphone amplifier is a game-changer in digital sound quality.

The Mojo DAC is small, smartphone-friendly, and powerful. Don’t let a reasonable price or the small size of the Chord Mojo stop you from experiencing the “110% satisfaction” expressed by Jer and 1,000 other Moon Audio Mojo buyers.


With an ultra-compact design based on the Chord Hugo, Mojo is a true reference-quality mobile DAC and high level headphone amplifier. Mojo uses a new Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA board and its sound rivals DACs at twenty times the price. In short, the Mojo DAC is small, smartphone friendly, and powerful.


The Chord Poly is a wireless streaming module designed specifically for Mojo. When connected to the Chord Mojo DAC, the Poly is a full-fledged high-resolution wireless network music player, streamer, SD card playback device with high-resolution wireless playback controlled by your smartphone.

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