iFi Audio GO Bar Kensei Portable DAC/Amp

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iFi Audio’s Latest Portable USB DAC Headphone Amp

iFi Audio has released its latest generation GO Bar, the GO Bar Kensei Ultraportable DAC Headphone Amplifier. The GO Bar Kensei portable headphone amp and digital-to-analog converter expands on the success of the best-selling GO Bar DAC & Headphone Amp with some aesthetic and sonic upgrades. The aluminum alloy chassis on the OG GO Bar has been swapped for a Japanese Stainless Steel chassis that promotes maximum rigidity. A new addition to the GO Bar lineup is K2HD technology, making the GO Bar Kensei the world’s first portable DAC Headphone Amp combo to incorporate this tech. It also features an ultra-low jitter internal clock and an enhanced power supply. Audiophiles will be delighted with the power and features of the iFi GO Bar Kensei, making it the ultimate hifi portable headphone companion for your high-end headphones and IEMs.

Kensei: An honorary title bestowed upon a Japanese warrior skilled in swordsmanship, a Kensei represents the highest degree of perfection. iFi Audio leaned into this with the design and craftsmanship of the GO Bar Kensei, focusing on purity, balance, and refinement to deliver a listening experience that they say ‘cuts through the noise of everyday life and reveals the true essence of your music.”

Key Features

  • High-Resolution Audio: 32-bit/384kHz PCM, native DSD and full MQA decoding
  • Audio enhanced to master quality with JVC's K2HD Technology
  • Four Digital Filters
  • XBass+ and XSpace analog processing modes
  • Delivers up to 475mW of continuous power
  • Enhanced clock and power supply circuitry
  • Optimizing output for high-sensitivity pair of headphones/IEMs
  • Symmetrical, twin mono output stage
iFi Audio GO Bar Kensei DAC Headphone Amp product image
iFi Audio GO Bar Kensei DAC Headphone Amp product image

Product Details

K2HD Technology: The iFi GO Bar Kensei DAC/Amp is equipped with K2HD Technology, the latest and highest-resolution version of K2 technology. K2 technology restores music data lost during digitalization, bringing your audio closer to the analog master recording quality. It reproduces your music with richness and natural harmonics, adding an organic quality to the sound.

K2HD technology upscales a file to 192kHz/24-bit and applies hand-selected K2 parameters for waveform correction — Which processes the time-domain, not the frequency domain. Through advanced high-frequency range extension and minute signal (Bit) extension, K2HD technology restores natural harmonics and overtones beyond 22kHz, delivering listeners a sound quality that is close to the original master.

XSpace & XBass+: Designed for high-quality headphones, XSpace delivers a spacious sound field as if one was listening to speakers. XBass+ is designed to add back the loss bass response for a more accurate bass reproduction of the original music.

Four Digital Filters: Four digital filters tailor sonic characteristics according to the song. LED shows which filter is selected

  • Bit-Perfect (Blue): No digital filtering for natural tones. Delivers crisp, robust sound, sharp natural tones, and a fuller midrange.
  • GTO (White): Recovers inner resolution and music body. Enhances sound details and density.
  • Minimum Phase (Yellow): More life-like sound, between BP and STD. Offers slow-roll off with minimal pre and post ringing, slight reverberation and a warmer sound.
  • Standard (Red): Taut dynamics with controlled highs.

Two optimized output stages: Turbo Mode (6dB gain boost for power-hungry planar headphones), iEMatch for sensitive IEMs (cuts back background noise and hiss)

Two Balanced Outputs: 4.4mm balanced output with symmetrical twin-channel output stage, 3.5mm balanced output with iFi S-Balanced technology that cuts crosstalk by 50% for the best connectivity 

iFi Audio GO Bar DAC Amp Comparison chart

The iFi Audio GO Bar Kensei USB DAC Headphone Amplifier is available for purchase on our website starting on March 19, 2024. As iFi's newest portable DAC Headphone Amp it's the perfect choice for the audiophile who wants the latest technology all wrapped up in a small, portable package. If you're excited about the Kensei, let us know! And if you make the purchase, tag us on socials so we can see your audiophile setup in action! Happy Listening!



Formats Supported: 384kHz; DSD256 (12.3MHz); full MQA

Digital Filters: Standard, Bit-Perfect, GTO, Minimum Phase

K2HD Technology: Yes

Output Power

Headphone Outputs: 4.4mm, 3.5mm

4.4mm: 475mW @ 32 Ohms; 7.2V @ 600 Ohms

3.5mm: 300mW @ 32 Ohms; 3.8V @ 600 Ohms

Headphone Output (4.4mm)

Output Impedance: <0.62 Ohms

SNR: 132dBA (with software mute)

DNR: 109dBA

THD+N: <0.002% (6.5mW/2.0V @ 600 Ohms)

iFi Audio GO Bar Kensei DAC Headphone Amp connection guide


Power Consumption: <4W Max.

Dimensions: 65 x 22 x 13.2 mm

Net Weight: 65.5g


Digital Inputs: 1x USB-C USB Cable

Headphone Outputs: 1x Balanced 4.4mm; 1x S-Bal 3.5mm

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