Best High End Headphone & Amplifier Matchups, Part 1

Ok, here at Moon Audio, Drew Baird, P.E., owner and founder, gets hundreds of emails daily through our Contact Us link on our site.

The majority of Drew's emails start with:

"Drew, what is the best headphone cable to match with my ... Headphone?"  or "Drew, what headphone amplifier do you recommend for my desktop and MacBook Pro?"

Drew will attempt to decipher some of this information and share some of his "secrets of best hifi sound" here on our blog each week starting today.  For more info on our Moon Audio headphone cables and their sonic matches or characteristics, see one on our Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 Headphone Cable, Moon Audio Blue Dragon V3 Headphone Cable or our Moon Audio Black Dragon V2 Headphone Cable.

Today, Moon Audio is showcasing the Audeze LCD-2 and the Audeze LCD-3 Headphones.

Drew Recommends the Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 Headphone Cable as the best upgrade for the Audeze LCD2 or Audeze LCD3 headphones.

Drew recommends the RAL-DSDHA2 USB DAC plus Headphone Amp, Eximus DP-1 Headphone Amplifier and DAC or the Bryston BHA-1 Balanced Headphone Amplifier for the best quality sound and desktop headphone amplifier match.

Best DSD USB Dac with Audeze LCD-3 upgrade silver headphone cable

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