Black Dragon Mini Coax Digital Cable 75ohm

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The Black Dragon 75 Ohm Mini Coax Digital Cable was originally designed for the HifiMan Player HM-602 Slim and the JH Audio JH-3A portable Amp/Dac. We are so pleased with the results that Drew also recommends it for normal SPDIF applications.

This cable is extremely flexible, making it a perfect match for portable audio digital transmission applications as well as stationary hifi setups.

Now available for the Chord Hugo and Chord Mojo.

The Black Dragon uses a miniature 75 ohm cable geometry based on RG179 specifications.

It uses a silver-plated copper 7 strand conductor, and a 100% coverage silver-plated copper shield. Both are 99.99% silver over 99.999% oxygen free slow drawn copper.

We can build the cable with either a Neutrik mini plug to Cardas GRLM RCA or with Cardas RCAs on both ends. It's your choice and we can also upgrade to the Oyaide Mini plug for an additional $5.

The wire is soldered to the connectors with Cardas silver solder and it is then covered in 1 layer of Techflex braid to protect the geometry integrity of the cable.

We do recommend a 40 hour break-in time for the cable to truly realize the optimum sound.