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Black Dragon Low Profile Mini Cable For iDevices V1


NEW Black Dragon IEM Low Profile Mini Cable based on the Award Winning Silver Dragon V1 IEM Cable, built with copper conductors.

This picture shows the new Low Profile 4.5 inch version of the Silver Dragon V1 IEM Portable Mini Cable. This cable utilizes two low profile gold plated high quality right angled 1/8" Stereo Mini Plugs to provide a more compact attachement between gear. This connector also easily fits through most Phone and iDevice protective cases.

The picture shows the connection between the iQube V3 Portable Amp Dac and the Cypher Labs Solo -dB Portable Dac.

It has a warmer sound signature than the Silver Dragon V1 IEM cable. This cable is for linking an iPod, iPhone, iTouch and/or an iPad to portable audio systems where flexibility and smaller footprints are required. For setups that do not require a more flexible cable, see the Blue Dragon V3 Portable Mini Cable and the Black Dragon V2 Portable Mini Cable. These cables are more robust and for connecting the highest end portable gear as well as connecting portable gear to home audio systems.

Please provide Moon Audio your feedback on these once you use them so we can use that info to make these in other "realistic shorter" lengths for your customized connection needs.

Like the Black Dragon IEM LOD cable we uses the same coaxial design utilizing a 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver 26AWG center conductor for the positive leg. The center conductor uses the same Kevlar reinforcing as the other Dragon cables. The center conductor is wrapped concentrically by a 99.99998% UP-OCC  pure copper stranded 26AWG gauge conductor with 7N purity 99.99998%. Now that is a mouth full:)

The left and right signal cables run parallel to each other resulting in a very low inductance. Both signal jackets are polyethylene and the cable is extremely flexible yet very resilient and resistant to flex failure.

A variety of connection options are available, for adapter cables and more complex versions see the Headphone Cables section of the website.

We custom build these in house to your connection specification. The cable can be used in either a single ended or balanced design. The wire is soldered to a connector using high quality Cardas silver solder.

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