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Drew's Recommendations

Aurender & DACs

Aurender's line of music processors and music players are top of the line. Their functionality and processes offer high-quality sound and when you pair them with a high-end DAC you get a home audio setup that is unrivaled.

Drew has combed through his collection of home audio DACs and has picked these as his favorite DACs to pair with the Aurender N100, N100H or X100L.

Drew's Top DAC Picks

Chord Hugo TT DAC & Headphone Amp

Chord Electronic's Hugo as been one of our favorite DAC and headphone amp combinations since its debute at CES. The Hugo TT takes the Hugo's incredibility to the next level in a desktop version.

The beauty about the Chord Hugo TT is it's ability to connect to both speakers and headphones. You must have a DAC/headphone amp combination in order to use Aurender music processors with headphones.


Drew recommends these DACs for their great sound and reliability. You will notice that only one is not a Dac/headphone amp combination. You can, of course, pair your Aurender with only a DAC if you are connecting to a pair of speakers for a home audio setup. In this instance, you would be able to use the PS Audio DirectStream DAC by itself.

It is when you want to listen to the music stored on your Aurender through headphones that you need to add that headphone amp.

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  1. Aurender W20 Reference Music Server

  2. Aurender X100L Digital Music Player

  3. Aurender X725 USB Dac Amplifier

  4. Aurender N100H Music Player and Server with Hard Drive

  5. Aurender UC100 USB Audio 2.0 to SPDIF (COAX) converter

  6. Aurender N10 Caching Music Server

  7. Aurender A10 Music Server, Player & DAC

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