Audeze LCD-GX Unboxing | Moon Audio

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LCD-GX Headphones

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Audeze LCD-GX Unboxing | Moon Audio

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Audeze is excited to announce the LCD-GX, the world's first audiophile gaming headphones. After pushing the envelope on gaming audio with its award-winning Mobius headphones, the new LCD-GX advances the industry further by combining the finest in sound quality with clear voice chat for the serious purist audiophile gamer. The Black and Silver Dragon Premium Cables for Audeze help you remove the veil of the stock cable and really let the Audeze LCD-GX breathe and flex its muscles.

featuring 103mm drivers, Fluxor Neodymium magnet array, ultra-thin diaphragm, memory foam earpads, and lightweight magnesium housing

Audeze’s Reference Planar Magnetic Sound Quality

Based on the rave-reviewed LCD series, the LCD-GX combines Audeze’s patented Fluxor™ magnets and ultra-thin Uniforce™ diaphragms to deliver astonishing sound quality and immersion. Our advanced LCD Planar Magnetic drivers are at least twice the size of those found in other gaming headphones, providing better bass, superior soundstage, and outstanding resolution suitable not just for gaming, but for monitoring, mixing, and editing audio. Designed for the serious gamer, the LCD-GX is strictly analog – no digital processing – just for the real purist who wants the best possible sound. Being an open-back design, the GX has a wider, more accurate soundstage.

Audeze LCD-GX yolk detail


The LCD-GX is handcrafted in Audeze’s California factory and features magnesium housing, memory foam ear pads, and a suspension headband designed to reduce weight and extend comfort for marathon gaming sessions.

Audeze LCD-GX on stand


A new single-sided Fluxor™ magnetic structure provides high sensitivity and low distortion (100 db /1 mW @ 1Khz), allowing the LCD-GX to work with a wide variety of devices. To get the best output from the headphones, we suggest paring them with a good amplifier and DAC.

Audeze LCD-GX microphone detail


The LCD-GX includes a detachable cable with a built-in directional, noise-attenuating boom microphone. The thoughtfully designed microphone cable includes a mute button and flexible gooseneck arm, allowing customized positioning to ensure each individual can find the angle that works best for them.

Audeze LCD-GX cable detail


The LCD-GX comes with 2 exchangeable cables – The boom mic cable, and a standard LCD series cable (for those who don’t always need the boom mic). The boom mic cable terminates with a 1/8” TRRS 4 conductor plug for use with virtually all PCs, Macs, cellphones, etc. We also include a dual 1/8” inch splitter for separate headphone and microphone inputs and a ¼” stereo plug adapter.

Audeze LCD-GX in hard carrying case


  • Planar magnetic drivers for better dynamics and frequency response
  • Premium materials for style and durability
  • Suspension headband
  • Light weight Magnesium housing
  • Two detachable cable options
  • Detachable noise cancellation mic with pop filter
  • Microphone input mute control
  • Compatible with PC, PS4™, Xbox One™*, Mac®, Mobile**, Nintendo Switch™ using the 3.5mm connector
  • 106mm planar magnetic drivers
  • Fluxor™ magnetic arrays
  • Uniforce™ diaphragms

What’s in the box?

  • Audeze LCD-GX Headphone
  • Professional Travel Case
  • 8ft long cable with Microphone (1/8" TRRS connector)
  • LCD series standard cable without Microphone (1/4” TRS connector)
  • Audio adaptor - OMTP to CTIA (Reverses the mic and ground connection)
  • Splitter (1/8" TRRS to dual 1/8” TRS connectors for audio and microphone)
  • User guides, Warranty cards

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Technical Features

Over-ear, open-back
Transducer type
Planar magnetic
Magnetic structure
Single Fluxor™ magnet array
Magnet type
Neodymium N50
Diaphragm type
Ultra-thin Uniforce™
Transducer size
106 mm
Maximum power handling
500mW RMS
Maximum SPL
Frequency response
10Hz – 50kHz
<0.1% @ 100dB
20 ohms
100 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)
Minimum power requirement
Recommended power level

*Warranty is 1 year for parts, 3 years for drivers from date of purchase. Warranty is ONLY valid if product is purchased from an authorized dealer such as Moon Audio.

Listen Responsibily

To avoid damage to your headphones and/or hearing, ensure the volume on your player is turned down before connecting your headphones. After placing headphones on your head, gradually turn up the volume until you reach a comfortable listening level. Exposure to excessive sound levels can cause gradual hearing loss and damage your headphones.

Excessive power levels can damage your headphones. Be sure to stay within the rated power level of 500mW RMS to minimize the risk of damage, which is not covered under warranty.