Ripping & Transferring Files On Your Astell&Kern Player

Since as long as we can remember Astell&Kern players could not transfer files from internal storage to external expansion cards within the device itself. Until now.

Thanks to a recent inquiry from Joel Coleman, we now know that a recent firmware update now allows you to transfer your music files from internal storage to your SD cards all within the music player’s menu. In the past if you wanted to transfer files from one to the other, you would be required to connect your music player to your computer to manually cut-and-paste the files, or you would have to remove the SD card and transfer files directly using a USB card reader.

Astell&Kern AK Ripper MKII

Astell&Kern has even made the ripping process much easier for those who want to bypass a computer interface and just rip music directly to the audio player. Computer drives (quality) can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, causing breaks in the data stream, data loss, and slow rip times. A&K implemented improved algorithms and product design to create more stable and accurate copies, thus creating a high-quality alternative to a computer.

Perhaps the best part of the AK Ripper is that it works seamlessly with your Astell&Kern music player. You can access the music database "Gracenote" via the Wi - Fi network function of the connecting Astell & Kern player, and add the album name, song title / artist Information such as name and album art are automatically obtained. Of course, it is also possible to enter text directly from the display of the AK player.

All you have to do is select the file format (WAV/FLAC) and the ripping speed (Normal/Fast/Very Fast) and you’re set to start ripping music directly to your player.

The Update

So, nothing has changed with the AK Ripper and music player interface. When ripping music from the drive it will automatically save to the internal storage of the music player. Now here is the big change: once you rip the music to the player’s internal storage, you can now move those files to the external SD drive via the player itself.

Streamlining the process once again, Astell&Kern takes the hassle out of transferring files through a computer and lets the user work totally in the ecosystem. It’s incredibly easy, useful and very, very welcome. We’ll walk you through all the steps from ripping your music to transferring your files from internal to external storage below. Let’s get started!

Installing External Storage

Astell&Kern music players are compatible with most major micro SD card manufacturers, and in the case of the original KANN, full size SD cards. It’s recommended that the cards are formatted as “FAT32,” since that is the most stable and compatible format for Android-based players. Using non-reputable SD card manufacturers may result in data corruption or data loss since the product quality may not be quality tested to the extent of other options.

microSD card being inserted into an AK music player

Ripping Music

By default, all ripped files will be stored within the music players internal storage, under the “Ripping” folder. You have the option of turning on “Automatic CD Ripping” when connecting the MKII and when tapping the icon on the notification bar on the music player, ripping will start. Please note that if you do not have enough storage space in in the internal memory of the player, you will not be able to burn the CD as the device does not offer auto-transfer of the overage data to the micro SD card).

After the CDs have been ripped, or once the internal storage is full, it is strongly suggested to make a total backup of the files with a computer. From there, you will be able to make a copy of the files to a new destination or onto a newly formatted microSD card. Place the SD card into a card reader on the computer to format and transfer files from the computer to the device. Please note that Astell&Kern players are compatible with SD storage sizes up to 1TB.

Transferring Files on the Music Player

If you would like to bypass the computer, the file transferring process can also be completed within the unit, via a functional icon which can be located at the top right corner of the screen.

Here are some images to help you through the step-by-step process (click the right arrow to proceed to next steps):

Step A) Locate the functional icon at the top right corner.

Step B) Select either the “move” or “copy” function.

The “move” function will allow you to move the files from the original location to a new destination. The “copy” function will make a duplicate file at the new destination, the original file will remain at the original location.


Step C) Select the destination you want to “move” or “copy” the files to.

Step D) Select “paste” and the file transfer will begin.

If you have any questions about transferring files on your Astell&Kern music player or to and from your computer, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy listening!

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