Silver Dragon Form Fit USB Cable

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The Silver Dragon USB transfers digital audio from a computer or portable device such as a Phone, Tablet or DAP (digital audio Player) to a USB capable DAC. We build cables for home, office or portable solutions. This product page is focused more portable devices for longer Silver Dragon USB cables please see Here.

Moon Audio has optimized our USB cables for audio transmission of large High Res files. Please see the notes below in our Description Tab to help you establish which USB connection is right for your application.

The Silver Dragon was created with ultrapure silver conductors for the best in signal transfer for your digital music. The cable uses 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver 24AWG Teflon insulated stranded conductors with a double layer shield to ward off outside interference. The Silver Dragon USB is the most resolute USB cable on the market today for an amazing price point. So stop paying for over inflated cables and give it a try. Be prepared to be amazed at the difference it will make when transferring your computer audio catalog to your USB applications. 

We offer normal USB signal transfer cables from your computer to your Digital Audio Converter as well as a host of ultrashort cables to connect your portable devices. For longer and more custom options please see the drop-down menus on this webpage to choose the selection you need.

There are two different configurations offered on this webpage. Normal USB signal transfer as well as OTG (on-The-Go) USB signal transfer. What is OTG? USB OTG is a specification that allows USB devices, such as tablets or smartphones, to act as a host, allowing other USB devices, such as USB flash drives, digital cameras, mice or keyboards, or an external Dac to be attached to them. The USB connection is terminated slightly different than in a normal USB termination. This termination essentially tells the Android-based device to output a data stream. In the case we all care about, it is releasing digital audio so your external Digital to Analog Converter takes over control of processing the digital music on your Android based phone or tablet.

Silver Dragon USB Cable for Android

In some cases a DAP (Digital Audio Player). Most DAPs like the Astell & Kern's are Android based. So if you desire to use an external DAC with them an OTG cable is required. The OTG cable tells the AK to output digital audio. Of course, you will also need to visit the AK's settings page to also tell it to engage the USB output. With most Phones and Tablets this is not required. Older Android-based phones and tablets in the early 2000's used a USB Mini B connection as the standard. Slowly phone and tablet manufacturers moved to USB Micro B as the connection of choice. The same can be said for a lot of portable Headphone Amplifiers with built-in Digital to Analog Converters. These started with USB B Mini and then transitioned to USB B Micro. And today we are now seeing USB C now becoming the norm for Phones and Tablets. USB C offers a faster way to charge these devices thanks to the higher conductor count.

Moon Audio is focusing on USB C cables for Digital Audio Transfer only. Our cables have not been designed to be a Phone charging cable. The cost of manufacturing a high conductor count silver cable with conductors being used for non-audio important roles makes no sense from a cost perspective. While our cables will charge a device, our cable is based on USB specs required for Audio Transfer only. They have not been designed to be used with Hard Drives etc. When Audio circuits move past normal USB 2.0 practice I'm sure at this point we will move to more of a USB 3.x design. For USB C charging cables we have a great affordable option Here

Silver Dragon USB-C Cable

USB C can be utilized for both OTG and non-OTG applications as well. So when connecting, for example, one of Apple's new MacBook Pro's with USB C to your home Dac, in this case, a USB C to USB B normal USB connection is required. But when using your Samsung Galaxy 8 or Astell & Kern SP1000 to your Chord Hugo 2 then a USB C to USB B Micro OTG cable is required. Confused? I know it can be complicated. But feel free to email us Here for help.

We also have MFI certified Lightning USB cables for Apple iDevices such as your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. Apple lightning cables act very much like an OTG cable. They tell the Apple iDevice to output digital audio. But the Digital to Analog converter must be MFI certified to accept this direct cable connection. See Here for Apple MFI certified Dacs. If your Dac is not MFI Apple certified then a 2 cable solution is required. An Apple CCK Adapter followed by a USB cable. The Apple CCK, in this case, is the OTG cable. So for connecting your iPhone or iPad to your Chord Mojo or Chord Hugo2 DAC you need an Apple CCK plus a USB A to USB B Micro cable. See Here for an example of this connection kit.

Please see our Apple-specific cables Here

"for $180 for a 3 foot run, the...Silver Dragon USB cable comes awfully close to my multi-thousand dollar reference standard Locus Design USB cable", Andy Schaub, Positive Feedback.

Positive Feedback Review, March 2012, Issue 60

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Fantastic quality
Crystal sound at an affordable price; very recommendeable.
July 25, 2019
4 months ago
Magical Fog clearing
As my title says, if you ever feel the sound you heard is lack of clarity, the Silver dragon will just clear that fog for you. You will hear your music like in a sunny day. IMHO, it's because the cable was made by Silver, so the characteristic is simply clarity.
May 6, 2018
So I am an obsessed audiophile, and I was so leery of cable hype. I can say that the cabling adds more punch to the sound and greater clarity. The Silver Dragon cords are pricey and I cant say the difference is night and day....however saying that, and knowing that I was looking to improve the sound I would say that for me they are well worth it. And that is the bottom line when I am spending a good amount of money. The customer service was very good as well.
November 28, 2017
Drew�s Recommendation
Drew�s recommendation for my AK70 MkII-Chord Hugo II connection.Perfect length,performance,durability and color
Thanks.Moon audio is my library and source for hifi.
October 30, 2017
Good solution for Chord Mojo DAC
It is a very neat solution to mounting a small DAC to a smartphone. It works particularly well with the Chord Mojo DAC. It might not work as well with other small DACs. That depends on how the USB ports are oriented.
October 20, 2017
Silver Dragon
Bought this to connect my Chord Mojo to my Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge. I opted for th 3" and could not be happier with the quality of build, sound and last but not least the supprt I received prior to buying from Moon Audio. Supporting a family owned business makes everything that much better.
February 16, 2017
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Hi. I just wanted to ask whether you can provide a cable for connecting an iPad to my portable headphone amp/DAC. I use a Chord Hugo (Mk1). I currently have to use a generic version of Apple’s Camera Connection kit plus another cable? These 2 generic adaptor cables are clearly a very weak link in the replay chain. My ‘phones are Sennheiser HD580, shortly to be upgraded to HD650. Many thanks. Peter from Shropshire, UK.
Peter J on Jun 5, 2019
BEST ANSWER: You can upgrade the USB cables for sure. We have a Silver and copper version of USB cables. I was stating that you will always have to use the CCK in the chain.