Shure Connections

Understanding Shure Headphone Connections

Not all Shure headphones and earphones use the same connector. This is why we have different versions of Dragons available for Shure headphones. In order to get the correct connection for your specific headphones you should follow this guide.

Connect to Shure SRH1840, SRH1540 and SRH1440

These Shure headphones use the MMCX headphone connector. The connector is designed to snap into the headphones. You will hear a click when the headphone cable is attached properly.

Shure MMCX Connector Shure MMCX Connector

The Moon Audio Dragons have an MMCX connector that is designed to fit snug into the headphone. It requires some force to remove. You should grasp onto the connector and hold headphone then pull with a slight force. Do not pull on the cable. Pulling on the cable could cause damage to it.

Dragons for Shure Headphones

These cables also fit Ultrasone Edition 5, Edition 5 Unlimited, Edition 8 Romeo, and Edition 8 Julia.

Connect to Shure SRH440, SRH750 DJ, SRH840 and SRH940

The Shure Pro line of headphone cables have a different connector, therefore, you cannot switch between the SRH1840 and the Shure Pro line.

Shure Pro Connector Shure Pro Connector

You will notice that the Shure Pro connector is not similar to the MMCX connector. The Shure Pro connector will connect to the SRH440, SRH750 DJ, SRH840 and SRH940. Moon Audio offers two Dragon cables for the Shure Pro line.

Dragons for Shure Pro Headphones

Shure Headphone Amp Connection

You can connect the Shure SHA900 and Shure KSA1500 (part of the KSE1500 package) to your Android Devices, Astell&Kern music players, Questyle QP1R Digital Audio Player and much more. To connect you will need a Dragon USB cable.

Android Devices

To choose the correct connection for your Android device you need to determine whether your device is a USB Micro B connector or USB Mini B connector.

Micro vs Mini B USB Micro B vs Mini B USB

Once you’ve determined your connection you should choose either the Silver Dragon or Black Dragon OTG USB cable.

Note: In order to use Dragon USB cables with Android devices you must download USB Audio Player Pro App. Learn more about Android and Dragon USB Cables.

Once you have determined your USB type, choose one of the following options:

Dragon USB Cable for Android 3" USB Micro B to USB Micro B OTG


Dragon USB Cable for Android 3" USB Micro B to USB Mini B OTG

Astell&Kern and Questyle

To connect to other music players such as the Astell&Kern AK380 and Questyle QP1R you need to choose a USB cable option with a Micro B to Micro B USB connection.

Dragon USB Cable for Astell and Kern 3" USB Micro B to USB Micro B OTG

Apple Mac and PC Computers

To connect Shure headphone amps to your Mac or PC computer, you need to choose a Dragon USB cable with a USB Micro B to USB A connection. We usually suggest a 6” USB cable for laptops and computers. You can, of course, choose a longer cable if desired.

Dragon USB Cable for Computers 6" USB A to USB Micro B

Learn more about Dragon USB Cables

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