Earpads for Empyrean Headphones

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Replacement earpads for your Meze Empyrean Headphones;Headphones, available in Real Leather (pa… More details

Replacement earpads for your Meze Elite & Empyrean headphones, available in Hybrid (Perforated Alcantara Interior + Real Leather Exterior), Real Leather (patent finish), Alcantara Leather (suede finish), or Vegan Leather alternative (patent finish).

The Empyrean comes with 2 sets of ear pads, Alcantara and Real leather, while Elite comes with Real leather (same as Empyrean’s) and Hybrid (Perforated Alcantara Interior + Real Leather Exterior)

The Hybrid ear pads are different in size compared to the others and come with the Elite and are thinner than Alcantara and Real leather, but they also fit the Empyrean, and they can be bought separately. Sound wise, Empyrean with Hybrid ear pads has more soundstage than with Real leather and more sub-bass than Alcantara. Sound is somewhere in between the Real Leather and Alcantara ear pads, with a more intimate representation of the midrange.


  • Anthropometric earpad design
  • Innovative use of the drivers magnetic field to fix the earcups in place
  • Different materials available
  • Product is sold as a pair
  • Hybrid (Perforated Alcantara Interior+Real Leather Exterior)

  • 120 mm height x 92 mm width x25 mm depth (±1mm)
  • Inner dimensions: 80 mm height x 50 mm width
  • Alcantara, Real Leather and Vegan Leather

  • 124 mm height x 95 mm width x 35 mm depth (±1mm)
  • Inner dimensions: 75 mm height x 45 mm width