Furutech F 63-S (G) 1/4" Adapter

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The Furutech F 63-S(G) Headphone Plug Adaptor (3.5mm to 6.3mm)

Price is per piece or each.

High-Performance Headphone Plug Adapter 3.5mm plug to 6.3mm plug (6.3mm is equivalent to 1/4" plug as well).

This adapter plug converts a 3.5mm to a 1/4" or 6.3mm connection option on your amplifier or stereo system for ease of use when changing out and switching amplifiers or amps.

The Furutech F 63-S is a 3.5mm Stereo to 6.3mm stereo Adapter

Main conductors: RoHS Compliant Gold-plated α (Alpha) phosphor bronze and copper alloy

Insulated: POM resin.

Housing Material: SUS 304.

Overall Size: 9.5mmø X 45.0mm (L) approx.