EAT 300b triode vacuum tube

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The Ultimate 300B tube from EAT.

New improved version. Price is per pair.

From AVGuide: "With EAT 300B tubes in the circuit, the amplifier's performance at the frequency extremes improved pretty drastically…"

Built with high-temperature glass, huge carbonized black plates and gold-plated pins, these individually serial numbered, hand-made 300B are the best currently available 300B on the market.


Valve Type: 300B Triode
Amplification Factor: 3.9
Filament Voltage: 5 Volts
Filament current: 1.25 Amper
Size – included socket: 6.6 × 16 cm / 2.6 × 6.3 inch
Cathode: Oxide, directly heated
Maximum Anode Dissipation: 36 W
Transconductance: 5 mA/V
Max. DC Anode Voltage: 450 V
Cooling of The Valve: radiation
Measured Value If: 1.1 A

Warranty Certificate Download

EAT will replace the tubes providing the following conditions for all customers:
1. The tubes have a warranty of 12 months or 2000 hours of use starting with the date of
purchase. The purchase data must be written and stamped by the distributor/dealer
within 21 days after purchase (registration).
2. In the event of failure of the tubes, EAT or distributors/dealers will do replacement
within valid warranty claims. The tubes must be returned with the original box &
warranty certificate ( date of purchase stamp-registration & complete return form)
and prepaid shipment, otherwise warranty will be void.
3. Warranty is voided due to improper handling:

- Make sure that the electrical specifications of your amplifier are correct before using tubes in your circuit.
- Failure to follow this manufacturer’s recommendation may result in damage to your amplifier or valves and automatically voids this warranty.
- The tubes should run at the standard specs (see technical data sheet ) and not steadily at the maximum values.
- EuroAudioteam will not be liable for damage resulting from improper use of tubes in your amplifier. Abuse, accidental damage or incorrect use of the tube will be determined by EAT.
- Only expert technicians can change the working points of the tube. Improper use of the tube or incorrect application of the tube to a circuit cannot be covered by our warranty.

Shipment procedure:
- insufficient package for shipment is a cause of broken pieces inside of valve, use original box
- prevent tube from side shock
- shipment costs are covered by buyer
- returned tubes must include warranty certificate ( registration), return form and original package Burn-in procedure:
- valves need to be burned-in within 50-100 hours under conditions shown in the specs
- correct burn-in will assure maximum lifetime and genuine sound
- during the burn-in use different volume levels from the beginning, and increase the maximum volume gradually
- do not use stand-by mode during burn-in and let the tubes cool down after each use
- do not overdrive or tap on a working tube, this will cause permanent filament damage
- burn in with noise tools, burn in cd, radio noise, pink noise etc.
- allow the valves enough air circulation