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300b Triode Vacuum Tube (pair)

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Classic audio triode vacuum tube known for its warm, linear sound. More details

European Audio Team vacuum tube production

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The 300B triode vacuum tube, particularly the version manufactured by EAT (European Audio Team), has gained legendary status among audiophiles and high-end audio enthusiasts. This tube is renowned for its ability to deliver a warm, rich, and emotionally engaging sound that has captivated music lovers for decades.

First introduced in the 1930s by Western Electric, the 300B has stood the test of time and remains a favorite among tube amplifier designers and enthusiasts alike. The 300B is a directly heated triode (DHT) tube, which means that it uses a single filament to both heat the cathode and emit electrons. This simple design contributes to the tube's linear performance and low distortion characteristics. EAT's version of the 300B is highly sought after due to the company's meticulous attention to detail and commitment to crafting tubes that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. EAT's 300B is known for its exceptional tonal balance, with a lush midrange, smooth highs, and deep, well-controlled bass. This combination of qualities allows the 300B to reproduce music with a sense of warmth, intimacy, and emotional depth that many solid-state amplifiers struggle to match.

One of the key factors that sets the EAT 300B apart is the company's use of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. EAT employs a proprietary getter design, which helps maintain a high vacuum inside the tube and ensures long-term stability and reliability. Additionally, the company subjects each tube to rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure that only the best tubes make it into the hands of discerning audiophiles. The 300B's popularity in compatible tube amplifiers can be attributed to its ability to deliver a natural, lifelike sound that is free from the harshness and sterility that can sometimes plague other amplifier designs. Many audiophiles find that the 300B's sonic character is particularly well-suited to vocal and instrumental music, as it can reproduce the subtle nuances and emotional inflections that are essential to a compelling musical performance.

The EAT 300B triode vacuum tube is a true icon of the high-end audio world, cherished for its warm, linear sound and ability to bring music to life with unparalleled depth and authenticity. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the tube's timeless design and the dedication of companies like EAT to pushing the boundaries of vacuum tube technology in pursuit of the ultimate listening experience.

New improved version. Sold as pair.

"With EAT 300B tubes in the circuit, the amplifier's performance at the frequency extremes improved pretty drastically." - AV Guide

Built with high-temperature glass, huge carbonized black plates, and gold-plated pins, these individually serial-numbered, hand-made 300 B is the best currently available 300B on the market.

About the 300B Tube:

The 300B is a legendary electron tube that has captivated audiophiles and music enthusiasts since its introduction by Western Electric in the 1930s. This directly heated triode (DHT) power tube is renowned for its warm, linear sound and exceptional tonal balance, making it a sought-after choice for single-ended tube amp designs. In a single-ended amplifier, the 300B is often used as a matched pair to ensure optimal performance and stereo soundstage imaging. Its ability to deliver a lush midrange, smooth high frequencies, and deep, well-controlled bass has made it a favorite among audio purists who seek the most natural and emotionally engaging listening experience.

The 300B's simple design, featuring a filament that serves as both the cathode and the electron emitter, contributes to its low distortion characteristics and linear amplification. When combined with a high-quality output transformer, the 300B can drive a wide range of loudspeakers with ease, providing ample power and dynamic range. This iconic tube finds its way into various high-end audio components, including monoblock power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, and preamplifiers. Its compatibility with phono stages and turntables has also made it a popular choice among vinyl enthusiasts who appreciate the warm, analog sound that the 300B helps to create.

The 300B's anode structure and overall construction have been refined over the years by various manufacturers, each seeking to capture the magic of the original Western Electric design while incorporating modern materials and manufacturing techniques. The result is a range of 300B options that cater to different preferences and budgets, from vintage NOS (New Old Stock) tubes to modern reproductions. The 300B production by EAT is considered one of the best, if not the best, on the market. Whether you're building a custom tube amp or upgrading an existing system, the 300B triode vacuum tube is an excellent choice for those who prioritize tonal purity, emotional engagement, and a natural, lifelike soundstage. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the timeless appeal of vacuum tube technology and the pursuit of audio perfection.

Warranty Information

EAT will replace the tubes providing the following conditions for all customers:

  1. The tubes have a warranty of 12 months or 2000 hours of use starting with the date of purchase. The purchase data must be written and stamped by the distributor/dealer within 21 days after purchase (registration).
  2. In the event of failure of the tubes, EAT or distributors/dealers will do replacement
  3. within valid warranty claims. The tubes must be returned with the original box and warranty certificate ( date of purchase stamp-registration and complete return form) and prepaid shipment, otherwise warranty will be void.
  4. Warranty has not been voided due to improper handling

Proper Handling

Make sure that the electrical specifications of your amplifier are correct before using tubes in your circuit. Failure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations may result in damage to your amplifier or valves and automatically voids the warranty. Tubes should be used in accordance to the standard specs (see technical data sheet ) and not exceed the maximum levels.

EuroAudioTeam will not be liable for damage resulting from improper use of tubes in your amplifier. Abuse, accidental damage, or incorrect use of the tube will be determined by EAT. Only expert technicians can change the working points of the tube. Improper use of the tube or incorrect application of the tube to a circuit cannot be covered by our warranty.

Shipment and Packaging

Pack for shipping in the original box to prevent side shock. Insufficient packaging may cause broken pieces inside the valve. Shipment costs will be covered by the buyer. Returned tubes must include a warranty certificate (registration), return form, and original package.

Burn-in Procedure

Valves need to be burned-in for 50-100 hours under the conditions described in the specifications. A correct burn-in will assure maximum lifetime and quality of sound. During burn-in, start with a low audio level and gradually increase the volume. Do not use stand-by mode during burn-in, and let the tubes cool down after each use. Burn in with noise tools, a burn-in CD, radio noise, or pink noise. Make sure the valves have enough air for proper circulation.

Do not overdrive or tap on a working tube. This will cause permanent filament damage.