Dan Clark Audio ETHER 2 Earpads

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Designed for the ETHER 2 headphones, these replacement earpads feature a new peel-able mounting system for fast and easy pad changes.

For ETHER 2 Only - an adapter plate allowing use with ETHER and ETHER Flow headphones is expected later this year.

This synthetic suede or synthetic leather memory-foam earpad offers customers an alternative to stock headphone pads and offers a few ergonomic and sonic benefits:

  • Larger ear hole
  • Reduced sense of clamping
  • Increased soundstage

Very smooth tone, with very smooth highs and enhanced low frequency output

As with all ETHER 2 pads this is suitable for all-around use, but we find this pad is particularly fun for rock and electronica.


Package Includes

  • 2 Earpads (Left and Right)
  • 2 Spare Adhesive Pads*
  • 2 Alcohol Wipes
  • Pry Tool
  • Instruction Card

*Spare pads may be used to upgrade the stock earpads to make them removable.