Chord Mojo FAQ

What devices are compatible with Chord Mojo?

You can connect the following brands to Chord Mojo with Silver or Black Dragon Cables. Click to connect.

How to connect Chord Mojo to:

Apple devices Apple iDevices
Android devices Android Devices
Astell & Kern Media Players AK Media Players
Cypher Labs and Chord Mojo Cypher Labs DACs
Fiio and Chord Mogo Fiio Media Players
Ibasso and Chord Mojo iBasso DAPs

Note: Apple iDevices must have a lightning connector. You will also need an Apple Camera Connection Kit (CCK).

Android devices must conform to OTG standards.

What headphones are compatible with Chord Mojo?

Mojo is compatible with all earphones, headphones, IEMs and CIEMs with the exception of electrostatics. The Mojo can even handle headphones that are a little harder to drive. Designed with a massive gain range and ultra-low distortion, Mojo can comfortably handle headphones from 40ohms to 800ohms.

Chord Mojo HiFiMan Edition X bundle Chord Mojo plus HiFiMan Edition X Bundle

We suggest pairing the mojo with IEMs like JH Audio's JH16 Pros or Astell & Kern's Siren Series collection. Or, you can pair the Mojo with headphones like HiFiMan Edition X that are lightweight and comfortable for portable use.

We customize Dragon headphone cables that will seamlessly connect the Chord Mojo to your favorite headphones. (Make sure to choose a 3.5mm stereo plug for the Amplifier Connection Options)

How do I connect Chord Mojo to Apple iDevices?

First, you must determine if your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod has a Lightning connector. Apple iDevices with a 30pin connector will not work.

30 pin connector

30 Pin Connector Does Not Work

Lightning Connector

Lightning Connector Must Have

You will need a Silver or Black Dragon USB cable and an Apple CCK to connect the Chord Mojo to an Apple iDevice. Once connected the iDevice will automatically recognize the Mojo and will instantly play music through the amp.

Learn how to connect Chord Mojo to Apple iDevices.

How do I get Hi-Res files to play from my Apple iDevice to the Chord Mojo?

Unfortunately, Apple's file limitations hinder the standard music app's ability to play certain file formats natively. In other words, you cannot listen to hi resolution files without the use of an Apple CCK and an app called ONKYO HF Player.

Once you have downloaded the Onkyo app, you can connect the Chord Mojo to your Apple iDevice with a Silver or Black Dragon USB and an Apple CCK.

How do I connect Chord Mojo to Android Device?

First, you need to verify that your Android Device is a USB OTG compatible device. If it is then you can choose a Silver or Black Dragon USB cable with a USB Micro B to Micro B or Mini B depending on your needs.

Chord Mojo Android

Learn how to connect to Android.

Note: Sometimes you are required to unlock the USB audio output function. If you are not getting audio please refer to the setting page and make sure that the USB audio out function is enabled.

Do I need a Driver for the Chord Mojo to work with my PC?

Apple Mac

Apple MAC computers do not need drivers.

Windows PC

Windows PC require you to download and install one of the following drivers for the Mojo to function.

Mojo Windows Driver Install

Mojo Windows 7 Driver Install

Can I listen to streamed content from Tidal, YouTube or other streaming services with Mojo?

Apple iDevices

With Apple iDevices you can listen to any streamed content without limitations. This means you can stream HiFi music from Tidal and hear it through the Chord Mojo.

Android Devices

Android devices are a different story. Even with apps such as USB Audio Player that enables USB output, Android devices will not output audio from streaming services to the Chord Mojo. This is because they do not have class 2 drivers that connect to streaming services like Tidal. Learn more about streaming with Android.

Can I play and charge Mojo at same time?

Yes you can charge and play at the same time. You should be aware that the Mojo will be hot to the touch.

Can I use an external battery power bank to charge Mojo?

You can use a battery bank so long as it has a 1A output.

Why does my Mojo get warm? And why does it cut off?

Chord has tested the Mojo in multiple environments and has included an internal thermal cut off switch that constantly monitors the temperature. The Mojo will not ever get hot enough to cause any damage to you or its surroundings. At most, it will only reach a few degrees above ambient temperature.

The Mojo will shut off if the built-in thermal cutout thinks that the Mojo is getting too hot. If this happens, allow the Mojo to cool for approximately ten minutes and try again.

Can I turn down the function lights? They are too bright.

You can turn down the brightness of the Chord Mojo lights by pressing the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously. The brightness will then cycle through two states.

Can I use a headphone cable with a microphone?

No, Mojo only processes the outgoing audio signal and does not take a signal back to the phone.

Can I use Mojo for live music?

Due to Mojo's powerful D2A technology, unfortunately, the latency round trip would be too large for this use.

I can't hear audio from my Mojo, what is wrong?

First, you should make sure the Mojo is paired successfully to the host device. You will know the Mojo is paired correctly when the power button illuminates. If the power button does not illuminate, then check the USB cable to make sure it is connected to the data port of the Chord Mojo and not the charging port. If you are still having issues make sure there is no debris lodged inside the connector.

Note: if you are using a low quality USB lead or a lead that is over 1.5m then mojo may not function properly.

If you are using a Windows computer then you need to download the Window drivers above. Android devices need an OTG cable for the Chord Mojo to function properly.