I2S Digital Audio Cable ( 18" Length )

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Cayin I2S Digital Cable (18" length)

Cayin's I2S cable was specifically designed to work with all Cayin products that offer I2S digital data transfer. I2S is the purest and unconverted form of digital transmission. First seen in the early 90's as a method to output digital signals from high End Cd players or Transports to outboard Dacs. Digital signals are typical converted from the Dac chip to other formats like Toslink, RCA Coax and AES/EBU. I2S means one less conversion. The less you touch a digital data stream the better in most cases.

Please check with your products manufacturer to see if your product is compatible with another products I2S connection. No 2 brands always use the same formats. Just changing one pin configuration can cause the product to not be compatible. We will be listing all the Pin outs below for the brands we sell and guide whether they are compatible with each other or not. In the future we will be offering conversion cables. But at this time they are not available. Also see our Furutech HDMI cables which are much higher grade cables that can be used with I2S.

Cayin I2S Pin configuration

Cayin I2S Pin Out Diagram