Our Top 3 Tube Headphone Amps & Why We Love Them | Moon Audio

HA-6A Tube Headphone Amplifier

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Live music experience in a private corner. More details

Our Top 3 Tube Headphone Amps & Why We Love Them | Moon Audio

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Enjoy a live music experience in your own private space with the Cayin HA-6A Tube Headphone Amplifier. Compared to solid state amplifiers, vacuum tube amplifiers are known for their warm, rich, rounded, and full-bodied sound. However, the HA-6A gives the listener options for customizing the sound to suit their tastes and their music.

Carefully Selected Vacuum Tubes

The HA-6A comes with one set of vacuum tubes: Electro-Harmonics EL-34 (warm). A dedicated tube selector switch allows the listener to alternate between the two to suit their preferences. Power rectification comes from a pair of NOS RCA 17AX4GT tubes, while voltage amplification is provided by a pair of Electro-Harmonix 12AU7EH tubes.

Dual Operation Mode

A really nice feature of the HA-6A is dual operation mode, which allows the listener to alter the sound signature with the touch of a button.

Triode Mode

Smooth, lush, rich in harmonics, holographic. The quintessential tube sound. Ideal for vocal and string music.

Ultra-linear Mode

Improved power and extension, clean, energetic, authoritative, transparent. Ideal for music that requires a lot of punch, dynamic, and control.

Impedance Matched Headphone Output

The HA-6A will drive a wide range of headphones. Three gain modes (low, mid, high) make the amplifier compatible with everything from power-hungry planar magnetic headphones to high-sensitivity IEMs.

Practical and Comprehensive

  • Three headphone outputs
  • Neutrik 6.35 mm single-ended jack
  • NIPPON DICS 4.4 mm Pentaconn balanced connection
    • Neutrik balanced 4-pin XLR
  • Supports two input formats
  • XLR balanced
  • RCA single-ended

Point-to-point Welding With Premium Wire

The entire circuitry is handwired by skillful craftsman. This yields a circuit design with a high level of transparency and refinement, improving overall efficiency and conductivity.

Astonishing Aesthetics With Handcrafted Details

The HA-6A boasts a modern, industrial design with large VU meters that emit a warm glow and add visual appeal to the handpainted aluminum alloy front panel. Measuring about 14 inches long by 12.7 inches deep and 7.7 inches high, the unit fits nicely in a desktop setup.

The advantage of a transformer coupled tube headphone amplifier is that the matched pair output transformers can deliver genuine balanced driven output for excellent soundstage and separation.

Purist Power Management   

Multi-stage independent power supply voltage amplification employs independent regulator design. This minimizes the ripple effect of power interference, ensuring outstanding audio performance that is free from any grain and harshness.

High-Quality Components for Unbeatable Price Performance  

Matched-Pair Custom Build EL Output Transformers

  • Enable complicated multi-layer winding and multiple impedance output to match with different needs.
  • Carefully matched output will sound balanced, natural and realistic across the complete audio spectrum.

Custom Build EL Power Transformers   

  • Require more space but extremely stable and cost effective.
  • Very musical with addictive mid-range performance.

Transformers are the cornerstone of tube amplification. Cayin designs and custom-builds all the transformers of the HA-6A in-house.

High-Precision 24-Step Potentiometer   

  • Matched-pair resistors
  • Low noise
  • Durable
  • Reliable

Premium Shielded Silver-Plated Cable   

Minimizes interference during transmission.

Cayin is a division of Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd. Founded in 1993, the company manufacturers hi-fi products at a variety of price points, including tube amplifiers, CD players, speakers, digital-to-analog converters (DACs), digital audio players (DAPs), and more.

What's in the Box?

  • Electro-Harmonix EL34EH Vacuum TUBE (x2)
  • Electro-Harmonix 12AU7EH Vacuum TUBE (x2)
  • RCA 17AX4GTVacuum TUBE (x2)
  • User Manual
  • AC Power Cord
  • Spare Fuses:
  • External Main Fuse x2(~220V-240V:T1AL250V;~100V-120V:T2AL250V)
  • External Fuse for high voltage x2(T160mAL250V)


Input connector:XLR, RCA
Tube used:JJ 12AU7/ECC82 ×2, Electro-Harmonix EL34EH x2, RCA 17AX4GT x2
Dimensions:360mm x 322mm x 197mm
Net weight:19.5 kg
Fuse:US Voltage 100V-120V: T2AL25OV
Power consumption:140W
Working condition:0℃~40℃; moisture: 20%-80%
Storage condition:-20℃ ~70℃; moisture: 20%-80%


Single Ended
TR:800mW+800mW(L); 1600mW+1600mW (M); 2500mW+2500mW (H)
UL:1200mW+1200mW(L); 2200mW+2200mW (M); 3600mW+3600mW (H)
TR:1200mW+1200mW(L); 2000mW+2000mW (M); 3200mW+3200mW (H)
UL:1900mW+1900mW(L); 3000mW+3000mW (M); 4500mW+4500mW (H)
Single Ended
TR:750mW+750mW(L); 1400mW+1400mW(M); 2200mW+2200mW(H)
UL:1000mW+1000mW(L); 2000mW+2000mW(M); 3300mW+3300mW(H)
TR:1000mW+1000mW(L); 1800mW+1800mW(M); 2900mW+2900mW(H)
UL:1600mW+1600mW(L); 2800mW+2800mW(M); 4200mW+4200mW(H)