Cardas PCC ER Cartridge Clips with 33x4 Tonearm Wire

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In an effort to make Tonearm rewiring easier for the customer we are offering pre-soldered Cardas PCC ER Cartridge Clips soldered to Cardas' 33x4 tonearm wire. The small size makes 33x4 tonearm wire very difficult to work with, making pre-soldered options much easier for customers to install. Cardas Tonearm Cable is very delicate and lightweight. Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield, Pure Copper Litz conductors are used.

Premium Cardas Copper with Urethane Enameled Conductors. Perfect for rewiring tone arms, it features four twisted 33 AWG wires in a Teflon insulated. Cardas PCC Cartridge Clips provide a secure connection on a variety of Cartridge pin sizes.

A set of four (4) clips available in rhodium/silver plating are installed on the wire and is available in 24" and 36" length.