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Cardas Clear Serial Bus USB Cable


Cardas Clear USB is a musically neutral cable and sounds the same at any usable length, between all components.  Clear USB is optimized for constant transfer impedance rather than a full wave characteristic impedance.

Perfect Mirror Quadaxial conductor geometry comes to a serial bus USB cable. The geometry is a perfect mirror, matched propagation design that is as near to perfection as any ever envisioned. The connectors and the connection techniques are, without a doubt, the best ever devised. Termination consists of a USB connector on one end and a serial bus USB connector on the other end. For digital signal transmission, there is no better conduit of delicate high-frequency data streams than Cardas Clear.

Product Reviews

Outside Diameter:


Dielectric Type:

Teflon®, Air

Discrete Conductors:


Cable AWG:


Shield Type:


Conductor Type:

Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield, Pure Copper Litz

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