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Bryston BIT15 Transformer Power isolation transformer with Series Mode Surge Protection. More details

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Bryston BIT15 Transformer power isolation transformer with Series Mode Surge Protection.

You simply cannot have distortion free audio playback without clean power. Sure, our analog equipment has exceptionally good power supplies which filter incoming AC effectively, but the performance improvement gained from providing your whole system with unimpeded clean power is remarkable. Choose the BIT15 if you have small amplifiers (100W or less) or simply want to give your source components and preamplifier the cleanest power possible. The BIT20 adds extra power output handling and mechanical isolation of the transformer for even further reduced in-room noise.


  • Superb transformer-based isolation from AC mains noise does not restrict current flow.
  • Narrow Bandwidth Technology allows only a narrow AC bandwidth through effectively cutting high frequency noise components before they reach your equipment.
  • Series Mode Surge Suppression is active and clamps power surges at only 2 volts above nominal making it far more effective than sacrificial MOV based devices.
  • Medical grade power outlets on North America models.

The Bryston BIT15 Power Conditioner has been designed as a complete power isolation unit which is ideal for protecting your equipment while smoothing out the current running through your home theatre and home audio system. The BIT15 provides true isolation, along with low source impedance, and large enough instantaneous current for today’s most sophisticated and powerful audio amplifiers. Protect your system against diminished resolution and dimensionality in audio playback and video display.

Bryston PIUs (Power Isolation Units) combine the best surge suppression with unique toroidal transformer technologies from PLITRON to provide the ultimate in AC power conditioning and protection for sensitive audio and video equipment applications. PIUs use ZeroSurge® patented series-mode surge removal filters to absorb dangerous voltage surges and safely dissipate them without using failure-prone MOVs (metal oxide varistors). Also, unlike MOV-based protection, voltage surges are not shunted to ground.

Isolation is combined with proven proprietary technologies from PLITRON in the over-sized toroidal transformer. NBT works as a low pass filter using the controlled leakage inductance and capacitances within the transformer to cancel common mode and differential mode noise. LoNo technology has been used for years by high-end audio companies who demand silent transformers. Imin technology reduces inrush currents. UST provides additional common mode filtering using a highly efficient faraday screen.

Low-impedance output with balanced high-power primary input provides the most unconstrained, yet protected, energy source available to your equipment.

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Dimensions (in.):17 or 19 X 16.5 X 4
Weight (Ibs):78
Input Voltage:120V
Output Voltage:120V
Output Current:15A
Frequency:60 Hz
AC Inlet Type:IEC 15A
No. Outputs:10 ea.