Top 4 Reasons I bought the Chord Hugo at CES 2014

I go to the Consumer Electronics Show each year in Las Vegas, Nevada during the first week in January, scouting for the BEST in portable and desktop high-end audio, hifi gear, and more. I also attend to make sure Moon Audio is offering the latest gear to our customers and keeping up with our custom audio cable research and development. This year at CES I was a bit disappointed at the offerings. I saw more iPhone covers and iPhone gadgets than anything else, and that just does not excite me. It wasn't until the last day of the conference that I saw something that made my whole trip worthwhile.

I heard that Chord Electronics from the United Kingdom had a room set up. I had heard their hi-fi gear in the past, but I knew they only had 2-channel and home gear. However, I saw a portable headphone amp on the table for auditioning. This truly sparked my interest so I walked up to the empty table to see if I liked the sound of their new portable amplifier, called the HUGO.

Well, let me tell you, my mouth was gaping wide open after just a few seconds. This does not happen very often for me as I have heard about everything in high-end portable audio.

Game Changer

The Hugo was connected via Bluetooth to an iPhone and a set of Sennheiser HD800s was available for listening. The Hugo is a game changer, all others will have to play catch up at this point. I mean, Chord took the same technology they created for their high-end audio gear that is mostly in the $10,000 plus range and utilized it in the HUGO. Wow! This is very impressive, to say the least, and I mean this HUGO has truly raised the bar when it comes to portable high-end audio.

Here are the top 4 reasons I added the Chord Hugo to Moon Audio's lineup of portable headphone amps:

  1. The DAC in the HUGO is not a standard off the shelf Wolfson or Burr Brown chip that everyone else uses so the decoding is just spectacular.
  2. The Hugo can be used as a desktop or portable headphone amp/DAC and it converts USB, PCM, DSD, and tons of other formats.
  3. I love the sound, it's just jaw-dropping and it can drive just about any headphone on the planet, even hard to drive ones like the HD800, etc.
  4. It has an AMAZING 12-14 hour battery life. WOW, need I say anything else?

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