Black Dragon Biwire Speaker Cable V1

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Price is for one pair

The Black Dragon V1 Biwire speaker cable has been designed to compliment our Silver line.

We had many requests from our customers who had systems where silver just wasn't an ideal fit.

The Black Dragon has been designed to complement our Silver line. We received many requests from our customers with systems where silver just wasn't an ideal fit, so we set out to make the best possible copper cables. The result exceeded our wildest dreams!

It is an extremely smooth, transparent cable yet not too warm sounding. For years, our hearing tastes have always driven us in the direction of silver. We have never quite appreciated the sound of copper as much as silver. Well, that has now changed!

We tried to build a cable that gave the great detail and presence of silver yet also provided me the smooth jazzy sound of copper. The Black Dragon V1 does just that. Only your ears can be the judge and we hope you give them a try!

We took what we learned from the Silver Dragon Speaker cables with which we developed just the right ratio of different size stranding to optimize the sound. We ended up with was a new geometry using a special stranded grouping. The cable's four 11 AWG conductors are made from 99.9999%-purity, high-quality, low crystalline structure pure copper strandings.

Biwire Construction

The standard Black Dragon Speaker Cable features 2 terminations on either end, approximately 6 AWG. The biwire version features two 6 AWG terminations on the amp end and four 11 AWG terminations on the speaker end.

It is an internal Biwire design which will help cut cost for those of you that want to run Biwire. We continued to use Teflon coating, as it is an obvious best dielectric. We then cover it in a protective layer of Techflex and solder your connector of choice. As you can tell our favorite connector of choice is the Cardas CCMS silver plated billet copper spade. We can also do their new Solid Silver CCMS or GRS spade at an additional cost plus we offer several other choices.

The end result is amazing..please give it a try today!