Aurender Conductor App

Aurender music servers come with a fantastic remote app called Conductor that is available on both iOS and Android platforms, so you can use it on your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Hailed for its performance and intuitive operation, the Conductor app turns your device into a versatile user interface for Aurender servers and makes managing, viewing, and playing high-resolution music collections a breeze.

Two streaming services, TIDAL and Qobuz, are embedded within the Conductor app (subscriptions required), allowing you easy access to millions of high-resolution albums. You can also browse/play Internet radio content via SHOUTcast. As well as streaming through Spotify Connect. Being integrated, links to content found on streaming services can be added to your main file library, making it easy to combine and compile content in one location. Conductor will pull your disparate music (from streaming services, an internal hard drive, a connected NAS or USB drive, and Internet radio) into one cohesive library, but you can also select from among the various libraries.

Conductor app features:

  • Intuitive interface
  • User-selectable theme (dark, light, warm)
  • Editable playlists
  • Remote support request
  • One-click addition of songs/albums to the queue
  • Browse by song, album, artist, genre, or composer/conductor
  • DSD, 16/24bit, sampling rate filter
  • Album front and back cover support
  • Gapless playback
  • Integrated TIDAL and Qobuz service (separate subscriptions required)
  • Spotify Connect integration


Aurender recommends using a fifth generation or later iPad. Older hardware may be sluggish or buggy, especially for searching, browsing, and downloading updated library databases.

Minimum requirements:

-iPad iOS 13 or later

-iPad Gen 5, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini Gen 4, iPad Pro Gen 1 or later

-iPhone with iOS 13 or later

-Android tablet with Android 10.0 or later

-Android phone with Android 10.0 or later

The Conductor app features a user-friendly interface.


Getting to know your Conductor app:

Aurender provides a wealth of easy-to-follow video tutorials to help you set up and use the Conductor app on your iOS or Android device. You'll find videos on everything from setting up a streaming service and adding songs to a queue to deleting cached files and sorting albums. There's also an iPad web manual with instructions for installation and setup.

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