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Audeze LCD-2 Headphones



Moon Audio

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2012 & 2013 Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Winner!

The Audeze LCD-2 is an excellent headphone for the price and is a Best Seller here at Moon Audio every month.

The LCD-2 is the "state of the art" Planar Magnetic Headphone that features the exclusive Fazor technology from Audeze Inc.


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*Travel Case is included and the only option for the LCD-2.  The Wooden Box and the metal headband have been discontinued.

Audeze LCD-2 is the original and game-changing product that propelled Audeze into a world of rave reviews from audiophiles and review magazines alike.

The beautifully hand-crafted LCD-2 delivers audiophile quality, low-distortion sound that beautifully articulates the power and nuance of your favorite music.

The Audeze LCD-2 transducers are the most forgiving of the LCD Collection, with an exclusive magnetic structure providing completely uniform magnetic flux distribution across the diaphragm. The full sonic potential of the LCD-2 is revealed when driven by an external headphone amplifier or integrated amp. Impedance is 70 ohms.

Every component of the LCD-2 is precision engineered with one goal in mind: Recreate the sound exactly like the artist intended.

LCD 2 combines leading edge technology and development with knowledge, feedback and suggestions from an on-going dialogue with Sound Engineers and Audiophiles. The Audeze LCD2 uses a proprietary thin film diaphragm that is housed between a unique super efficient push-pull magnetic structure. Audeze’s manufacturing process combined with the advanced materials and technology produce extremely accurate and incredible sounding headphones.

The LCD-2s are made of hand selected Carribean Rosewood. The sloped earpads are made of premium lambskin leather with specially selected foam to offer the right amount of firmness.

Known for their tight, extended bass response, smooth, inviting midrange, and warm high frequencies, the LCD-2 headphones offer a listening experience that makes believers out of even casual music listeners. For the best performance The LCD-2 requires an external headphone amplifier.

2013 TAS Editor's Choice Awards: High Performance Headphones Over $600!

6 Moons Review

Headfonia Review

Inner Fidelity Fazor Review by Tyll Hertsens, May 2014 


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Additional Info

Package includes:

2.5m 1/4in to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable

3.5mm to 1/4in stereo adapter

Professional travel case

Frequency response graph of the particular LCD-2

Warranty documents

3 year limited warranty

Drew's Recommendations

Drew recommends the Silver Dragon V3 Premium Audeze Headphone Cable or the Black Dragon V2 Premium Headphone Cable for Audeze as the ULTIMATE upgrade for the Audeze LCD-2 Rev. 2 headphones. 

For best quality sound, Drew also recommends:

B.M.C. PureDAC 

Bryston BHA-1 Balanced Headphone Amplifier



Open circumaural 

Specially designed self closing, acoustically transparent magnetic structure with highest grade Neodymium magnets.

Transducer type

Planar magnetic

Left and rear transducers have matched sensitivity and frequency response within +/- 0.5 dB.

Magnetic structure

Proprietary push-pull design

Magnet type


Transducer active diaphragm area

39.8 cm2 (6.17 in²)

Large diaphragm area creates plane sound waves that enter ear canals the same way as it happens in real environment.

Maximum power handling

15W (for 200ms)

Sound pressure level

>130dB with 15W

Frequency response

5Hz – 20kHz extended out to 50kHz

Total harmonic distortion

<1% through entire frequency range


70 ohms


101dB / 1mW

Optimal power requirement

1 – 4W


Custom designed Caribbean Rosewood.

Specially designed premium lamb skin leather earpads.


less than 1% even at full output.

Maximum diaphragm excursion

2.5mm p-p

Maximum output

133dB, 15W


Crystal Clear soundReview by Osten
These headphones are just awesome! My LCD 2´s presentation is just superb and they have crystal clear sound, good instrument separation and deep bass for music genres like House and Hiphop (works well with acoustic music too). They are pretty heavy and that´s something to consider.

The only downside in my opinion is the price (1000 Dollars is not cheap) but when i compared the LCD 2´s with my Hd 600 i really saw a big difference. Hd 600´s sounded very muffled and dry compared to the LCD 2´s crystal clear lively sound. (Posted on 11/29/2015)
The FazorReview by Bob
I admit it...I got sucked in to upgrading my LCD-2.2 to the newest Fazor. Overall sound quality is the same (which is very good) but the soundstage and separation is quite a deal better than the old version.

The other noticeable change is the much softer pads surrounding my ears. The new pads are so soft that my ears now touch the insides of the cups. The new pads also create a tighter seal around my ears. I've noticed my ears sweating now and there's now a vacuum when I take them off. (Posted on 2/1/2015)
Black Dragon V2 Headphone Cable - Good with T1, but Incredible with LCD 2Review by Kiat
I ordered the Black Dragon cable for my T1 (modified with mini XLR connectors) and LCD 2. Drew was great in correspondence: timely, succinct and incisive. I was thinking about the Blue Dragon and Silver Dragon after reading about them in Head Fi. Drew recommended the Black Dragon. I decided to get one terminated with the 4 pin balanced end, plus an adaptor back to 1/4" single end.

On the T1, it added even greater resolution and sound stage to a headphone which is already very well equipped considering that the stock cable is one of the best around. The instruments are all very well spaced out now. Even the vocals are now nicely ever so slightly to the right now instead of being congested smack in the middle of the sound stage. Very commendable!

However, on the LCD 2, OMG! The oft-repeated complaint about the LCD 2 is the soundstage is collapsed and the trebles are rolled off. Well, with the Black Dragon, the LCD 2 comes within touching distance of the T1 in terms of sound stage (the latter with stock cable), which is something I never thought I'd say about the Audezes. More impressive is what it does to the mids: they become less recessed and smooth as butter. The details I can now hear on my LCD 2 ensures that it will give my HD800 and T1 a run for the money as my go to headphone. And the smooth mids mean that I will no longer refer to my HifiMan HE 500 as the sweet ortho. Let's not forget the fantastic Audeze bass: it is now more precise. If the LCD 2 was already toe tapping musical, it has now been elevated one level up. Even for legacy jazz recordings like Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, and if you like the warmth of the LCD 2, you get the best of both worlds - good clarity and detail alongside the warm forgiving nature of the Audeze sound. It is so good that I am now asking myself if I should really bother to plonk down the money for the LCD 3 which I thought was the complete Audeze because of the clear neutral mids, extended treble while maintaining a tight bass. With the Black Dragon, the LCD 2 comes very very close.

The Black Dragon does good things with the T1, but it is gobsmacking incredible with the LCD 2. For the former, it is a good match. For the latter, it has effected a transformation!

All that remains for me to say is: Thank you Drew!
(Posted on 5/24/2013)
Upgrade to the Silver Dragon V3 Headphone Cable on your LCD-2 - it really improves over the stock cable!!Review by AGB
Just a note for current owners of Version I.

Moon Audio's Silver Dragon V3 Headphone Cable or "slayer cable" as I call it - slays the rolled off top.

The improvement is dramatic. Much more detail and transparency, a flatter and neutral frequency balance, the inner voices will appear in bold relief without edge. The warmth will be gone entirely!

In fact, after a prolonged burn in of three days to a week, all the desirable characteristics had returned. My thinking, and those of you who are willing can test it out, that the LCD-2 was not inherently rolled off. The cable the co supplied made it so...and I was one who complained about the roll off early.

The Silver Dragons really need a few days of burn in, and with the perceptible change in FR, some may find the bass not as prominent. It is, it's just that the new balance will trick the ear. One can, with the right software (I use Fidelia, but Amarra has the same ability), boost the LFs using the parametric EQ one octave-wide envelope 20-40hz +3db and get the most kick ass bass he's ever heard. Tight, low, detailed.

Enjoy, and don't hold it against me for bettering your lives. (Posted on 4/25/2013)
Amazing Headphones and amazing serviceReview by thewitz
The LCD 2's are a truly great headphone with very detailed sound and a wide soundstage. Even with the stock cables these phones have impressive bass definition and clarity.

After consulting with Drew Baird, I swapped the stock cables for Moon-Audio Silver Dragon V3 headphone cables and the true capabilities of the LCD-2's became instantly clear. The Silver Dragon cables are so well designed and built and sound incredible.

Drew's knowledge and expertise and Moon-Audio's incredible customer service have really impressed me and have made me a loyal Moon-Audio fan!

I recommend the Audeze LCD2s, especially with Silver Dragon cables, to anyone looking for an audiophile quality headphone with superb musicality.

I recommend Moon-Audio and Drew to anyone looking for a great customer experience and invaluable technical knowledge and advice! (Posted on 3/19/2013)
Highly Recommended!Review by DTDaTar
I purchased a couple of the LCD-2 headphones from Drew (Moon audio). He answered all of my questions and shipping was great. highly recommended.
(Posted on 12/21/2012)
Happy with Moon-Audio and Mr. Baird!Review by Alexey Borovkov
I am happy. I recieved LCD-2 with Silver Dragon... In 20 days! In Russia! It's wonderful!
Thank you very much Moon-Audio and Mr. Baird! (Posted on 12/5/2012)
Moon Audio is very good.Review by Teesalu
LCD-2 is an fantastic headphone and customer service is very good in Moon Audio. Thanks!

Estonia. Tallinn. (Posted on 9/13/2012)
Awesome can! Review by SoundSimple
LCD-2 is just an amazing headphone, not too difficult to drive, not too dark like many people say and, more impressive, it´s "quite" forgiving with bad recordings and low quality mp3s which usually is not the case in the high-end segment.

I compared it with my open can collection RS1, DT990, MB Quart 400, MS2, Pro2500, K701 and HD650 and definitely found it superior to all of them. The LCD-2 is a worthy investment for anyone pursuing quality audio. A winner in my opinion.

(Posted on 7/30/2012)
Great can...GREAT SERVICE too!!!Review by ddoyle777
I wanted to report on my experience with Moon-Audio. Last week I succumbed to the millions of satisfied user posts about the Audeze LCD-2s and decided that I wanted a pair. I am in a phase where I am listening mostly to Bach organ, and the HD800s (wonderful in many ways) were just not cutting it for me. I can't stand a lightweight organ.

I went to the Audeze website to see their dealer list and after checking out a bunch of them decided to try Moon-Audio. Drew made sure that my headphones were sent out before he went on vacation (he sent them the same day he received them from Audeze) and I received them today.

Thanks, Drew for the great service.
(Posted on 3/20/2012)
Unreal!Review by kskwerl
I am simply ecstatic about these headphones and the customer service provided by Drew!

Drew kept me updated the entire process and even had Audeze drop ship me the LCD-2's to cut shipping time. By far one of the most responsive customer support I've ever had.

I'm using the LCD-2's with the Schiit Bifrost and Lyr. For a sub 1k priced amp it flows extremely well with the LCD-2's. Using the LYR TUBES (E88CC).

I will 100% be back to moon audio for more cans in the near future! Outstanding =) (Posted on 3/7/2012)
Fantastic headphones at a great price!Review by KenW
Hands down the best headphones I own, or have ever listened to.

I had been lusting after some planar magnetic or electrostatics phones for some time now. My wife finally caved and said order them!

After a very quick turn around on this order with custom Silver Dragon cables I received my package!

I was blown away at the piano black wood box that arrived very well protected. Opening the box was very exciting.

I couldn't believe how wonderful these sound! I own a pair of Darth DT770s and B&W p5s. Even hooked to a small Objective 2 Amp these headphones amaze me.

(Posted on 2/22/2012)

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