Apple iTunes & Mac Computers

iTunes and Astell&Kern Music Players

Astell n Kern no connect to iTunes

AK does NOT connect to Apple iTunes

To move files from an Apple Mac to AK music players you must use Android File Transfer.

This program works in conjunction with Mac Finder. When you connect your AK music player to your Mac computer, Android File Transfer will open showing you directory locations on your AK music player for either the internal storage or your attached SD Cards in the unit.

Apple Ma Android file transfer

How to install: Android File Transfer

  1. Download Android File Transfer
  2. Open androidfiletransfer.dmg
  3. Drag Android File Transfer to Applications folder
Android File Transfer

Transfer Apple iTunes to AK Music Players

It is possible to move your iTunes library to an AK Music Player with Finder and the Android File Transfer program. Just follow these steps:

How to transfer music from Mac to AK music players

  1. Turn on you Astell&Kern music player.

  2. Use the USB cable that came with your AK music player and connect the player to your Mac.

  3. Android File transfer will open automatically.

    Astell&Kern Android File Transfer

  4. Find your iTunes music library on your Mac.

    Typically the music can be found under: Music/iTunes/iTunes content/migratedMusic

    Itunes music folder

  5. Highlight and copy all of the files you want transferred and paste them into the AK music player folder in Android File Transfer.

    With your Finder screen and Android File Transfer screen open you can drag and drop the music you want into the internal storage.

    Move music AK player

    or drag and drop the music into the external SD card that is connect to the AK music player.

    Move music sd card

    You will then see the music on your AK music player.

If you are transferring other music files from your MAC that are not in your iTunes library you follow these same steps. You will still generally find your high resolution music in the music folder on Finder. Once you locate your music, drag and drop it onto the AK music player in Android File Transfer.