Anni Desktop Integrated Amplifier

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Chord's first integrated amp, the Anni, can drive headphones and bookshelf speakers. Small and … More details

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chord anni

The Anni is Chord Electronics' first-ever hi-fi desktop integrated amplifier and headphone amp. It's part of the Qutest lineup of products and shares the same form factor as the Huei and Qutest. It's small but mighty - capable of driving both headphones and compact loudspeakers or small bookshelf speakers with pristine sound quality. The Anni is a solid choice for a desktop amplifier, in both size and versatility. If you're planning on pairing this with headphones or even the Qutest stack, then you'll be more than happy with the amount of clean power and detail it provides. Speaker setups are a little tricker here, and you'll need to make sure the Anni can provide enough power for your bookshelf speakers or passive speakers. Specific pairings will also need to be accounted for, as the Anni certainly sounds better in certain signal chains. The Chord Anni/Qutest is a power pairing, however, and combined with the Huei makes for a triple-threat tiny stack. When it comes to desktop setups you'll be hard-pressed to find a preamp/power amplifier this small and versatile with terrific specs and superb, clean sound.

Dragon Cable Recommendation: The Silver Dragon Interconnect is one of our best-selling cables at Moon Audio and our top recommendation to pair with the Chord Anni. Sold in Pairs, the Silver Dragon V2 is our top-of-the-line silver conductor-based interconnect. With a braided geometry and amazing shielding, this interconnect is a remarkable solution where noise isolation is key.

Small Amplifier, Lots of Power

The Anni power amp from Chord Electronics benefits from the company's proprietary ULTIMA high-end circuit topology and is perfectly capable of powering much of today's high-performance headphones, desktop monitors, and high-resolution audio sources to their full potential. Don't let its size fool you, the Anni is a powerful headphone amplifier, stereo amplifier, and more, especially given its size. The Anni works well with the Huei, which incorporates turntables into your system, and other analogue sources. It’s an audiophile-grade audio amplifier with great power output.

chord anni

The Qutest Series and Stand System

The Anni desktop integrated amplifier is part of Chord's Qutest lineup or range of products, which includes the Huei Phono Stage and the popular Qutest DAC. The Anni completes the trifecta of these resolving abilities and multi-award-winning products. As a complete system, the Qutest components offer an unrivaled desktop audio solution, providing class-leading digital and analog technologies for the modern music lover. The Qutest Stand System (QSS) is a modular equipment rack for the Qutest series, giving you the ability to stack the units on top of each other to not only save desktop space but to also provide a stable foundation for each of the products.

chord anni

The Anni offers dual-feed-forward error-correction circuit topology when using either headphones or connected to compact loudspeakers or small bookshelf speakers. Anni's advanced technology allows it to drive just about any headphone load (apart from electrostatics), providing error monitoring and compensated amplification at all times.

The Anni has both 3.5mm and quarter-inch (6.35mm) single-ended headphone outputs and allows for both outputs to work simultaneously so you can connect two headphones at the same time. The Anni also has 4mm banana-type loudspeaker outputs, delivering 10 watts of quality ULTIMA amplification. It's controlled by a fascia-mounted volume control that also doubles as an input selector switch for Anni's two line-level inputs. A two-stage gain control for loudspeakers provides additional flexibility with a wide range of desktop monitors. The Anni has a surprising amount of control for whatever you want to connect it to and allows the listener all the headroom they need for most applications (within the power limit).

chord anni

Key Features

  • 10 w into 8Ω
  • Class AB Sliding Bias
  • HF Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Trickle down Ultima technology
  • Unbalanced RCA Inverted Inputs
  • 3.5 mm and 6.35 mm headphone jack outputs
  • 4 mm (banana) loudspeaker outputs
  • Solid Aluminum Chassis

What's in the Box?

  • Anni Manual
  • Safety instructions
  • 1.5 m 15 V 6 A switch-mode power supply

Press and Reviews

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Anni Review

by Trusted Reviews
Dec. 2021

Power Output: 10 W 8 ohms
THD: 0.02%
Signal to Noise: -92 dB
Noise floor: -110 dB
Frequency response: 5 Hz – 60 Khz (-3 dB)
Dimensions: 160 mm (W) x 42.50 (H) mm x 96.60 (D) mm
Weight: 625 g