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How to buy a new Adapter Cable system

Adapter Cables step 1

Select headphone cable with the Switchcraft mini 4pin Male XLR:

IMPORTANT: Balanced is important because it allows the user to switch balanced and a single ended headphone connections.

Choose Switchcraft mini 4pin male XLR

Adapter Cables step 2

Choose adapter cable with corresponding connector Switchcraft mini 4pin Female XLR:

Choose Switchcraft mini 4pin female XLR
Adapter cables match connections

Make sure you are choosing the right connection for your headphone cable.

Adapter Cables step 1

Select desired amp connection.

Lastly, determine which connector your need based off of your audio gear and select it as the Amplifier Connection Option

chord hugo 1/4in connector

The purpose of an adapter cable is to only have one headphone cable and as many adapters as you need to fit your collection of audio gear.

Other popular options for adapter cables are:

3.5mm plug for Fostex HP-P1 RAS plug for Cypher Labs iBasso male connector for iBasso amps

How to buy Adapter Cables

Adapter cables for headphone cables you already own
Adapter cables for New headphone cables
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