Vorzüge VorzAMP Duo II Headphone Amplifier

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NEW Vorzüge VorzAMP Duo II Headphone Amplifier is the professional analogue amplifier that has the combination of both worlds - the Purist, who loves music as the way it's crafted, and the Treble and Bass Lovers. 

Building on its predecessors, the Vorzüge VorzAMP Duo II Headphone Amplifier continues its journey of high performance, ultra-low distortion, high signal to noise ratio and higher fidelity and quality specifications.

The 3-stage Gain is designed to encapsulate the whole spectrum of headgears from the sensitive and precision IEMs to headphones used by professionals. 

The newly introduced EQduo II, is highly complex, threading on an extremely narrow path between a series of sound equations and experienced sound/music auditors - to produce the highlight an amazing enhancements to the treble and bass domains for the audiophiles, with an added boost feature for the bass enthusiasts. 

Through Vorzüge's handcrafted assembly, stringent testing and audio matching procedures, their boutique company is able to ensure high hardward quality. All the VorzAMPs and the new VorzAMP Duo II are completely analogue systems, posses strong dynamics, clean sound and crisp vocal, deep black background with excellent instrument separation and placing. 

The VorzAMP Duo II remains portable in size and compact, yet fully pack with oomph, versatility, quality, vividness and dynamics - an unmatchable true Analogue Portable Amplifier System in your hand. 

The Gain

The gain is specially customised with a 3-Stage gain switch, which can adjust the gain to -2dB, +7dB or +14dB. This wide range of gain settings allows the amplifier to be used with low impedance high current devices as well as high impedence higher voltage devices, all this without compromising on Signal to Noise Ratio or volume control. The -2dB gain setting is designed, to allow the user to fully experience the sensitiveness and dynamics of low impedance IEMs, and the higher gain settings for the demanding larger headphones.

EQduo II™

The newly introduced EQduo II™, is highly complex, threading on an extremely narrow path between a series of sound equations / frequencies and experienced sound / music auditors to produce and highlight an amazing enhancement of the treble and bass domains for the audiophiles with an added boost feature for the bass enthusiasts.


Sound excellence is the absolute center of focus throughout the entire conception, development and integration process. Extensive care has been taken at every step so as to achieve an extremely low THD+N value. THD+N of the VorzAMPDuo II™ has the incredibly low value of 0.0008%.

Silver Solder with Gold Compound

For the most discerning audio listeners and professionals who seek only unsurpassed sound quality, Vorzuge products uses the World renown Mundorf™ precious metals Silver-Gold solder.

Gold Plated PCB

The PCB is Gold plated to prevent the development of corrosion and oxidation prior and during soldering. This in turn prevents future disconnection or air gaps from forming, resulting in a high level of contact reliability and a continuous audio signal and clarity

Top Grade Metal/Thin Film Resistors

though costly, however at Vorzuge, they hold their standards for analogue/audio devices highly. They choose and use the best components to achieve extremely low intrinsic noise, high linearity of amplifcation, and minimal dynamic distortion.

The Right Metallic Capacitors

Because every circuitry integration can be unique. Vorzuge's team of audio engineers together with their contacts in the professional music industry conduct hours upon hours of hearing tests to find the "Right" quality capacitors and perfect fit.

Lithium-ion Power Supply

VorzAMP™ uses a compact 2000mAh quality rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with built in safety circuits to safegaurd your Amplifier. Givit you about 7 hours of average play time. Convenient USB charging. Twin Dual Power Supply.

Environmental Friendly

It's what VorzAMP™ doesn't have that makes it environmentally friendly. It's free of many harmful toxins like mercury, arsenic, BFRs and PVC. All its components are RoHS internationally compliant.

Input Impedance:   550 kΩ
Output Impedance:   <0.1 Ω
Headphone Impedance:   8 Ω - 600 Ω


BW:   <10Hz - 100kHz  ±0.2 dB 
SNR:    >110 dB 32 Ω; 0.1W 
THD + N:   <0.0008 % 0Hz-20kHz; 0.2W 
Slew Rate:    2000V/μs  
DC stop filter:   Yes   

0.80     -1 dB 

2.25        7 dB

4.86       14 dB

Gain: Low

Gain: Middle

Gain: High 


EQduo II™
Treble & Bass: 

Complex Series of sound equations and frequencies

Two stage boost


Maximum Voltage RMS:  3.2 Vrms  
Maximum Voltage swing:  9 V  
Maximum output Current:         250 mA x2  
Output power RMS: 

250.0 mW x2

500.0 mW x2

568.9 mW x2

320.0 mW x2

160.0 mW x2

  34.1 mW x2

  17.1 mW x2                            

Load of 8 Ω

Load of 16 Ω

Load of 18 Ω

Load of 32 Ω

Load of 64 Ω

Load of 300 Ω

Load of 600 Ω


Play time:  ~10 hours
Charging time:  2.5 hours
Micro USB charge current:  ≥900mA    ≥USB2.0
Charge cycles: ≥500


Product Casing: 
Total weight:  135g
Case coating:  Extra touch powder coated
Shielding:  Full grounded aluminum case
Color: Ivory Pearl / Signal Black
Size:  83 x 66 x 18 [mm3


RoHS: Yes
Resistors:  Precision metal film
Signal path Capacitors:  None
Pad:  Gold plated
Connects:  Silver-Gold Solder

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Very Good Amp! A++
I own a Mojo amp and have loved the amp since day one, but I must tell you that the downside of it is that the amp is only digital. I had the iFi DSD Black Label before the Mojo and that was a killer amp! The downside was that it was too big for me to carry around everyday, so that's what I returned for the Mojo. Now this amp has blown me away! I should have gotten it since day one when I first seen it online, but I was nervous because I wanted to demo it first. I am surprised how much I can crank it up and still have great detail in my music. Even when adding the bass and treble. It's amazing! After opening the box, I sat my Mojo aside and I must tell you that it is still sitting to the side. It's lighter and thinner than the Mojo too. I don't have to worry about accidentally pressing the on/off, volume up, or volume down on the Mojo which I hated. Sometimes I would cut on the Mojo and the volume would be so loud that my earphones would be screaming in my ears. It would be so loud that it could damage the speakers. I don't know how that would happen when it's said that the Mojo has a memory of the volume last played. It was very annoying before turning on my music to hold the volume button to turn the volume to zero before switching on my music.
But with this amp I no longer have to worry about the volume accidentally being too loud because I can easily turn the knob to zero in one second. In my opinion, I would honestly recommend this amp before recommending the Mojo. This is better suited for my ears. I phase this paired with the new Sony NW-WM1A music player (which is amazing; switched from AK Players) and with the Shure SE846 earphones. I am very happy with the risk I've taken in getting this amp. I actually love it. Highly recommended.
July 20, 2017
Best Amp in the market
Best DAP in the market along with the Pure II /+ there is no equal quality performance at any price range.

Best suitable for use with AK Astell and Kern 300/380 DAPs.
March 7, 2017
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