Sparkos Labs Aries Headphone Amplifier Review

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Sparkos Labs Aries Headphone Amplifier -


2x RCA Inputs
1 x 3.5mm Front Panel Input
Optional XLR Input And XLR And RCA Outputs
3 Gain Settings: +10, +20, +30 dB
64 Step, 1dB Per Step Attenuator For Volume And Balance
120V/240V 50Hz / 60 Hz AC Power Capability
No Capacitors In The Signal Path
DC And Overdrive Protection
2Hz - 350 KHz -3dB Bandwidth
Precision 0.1% Tolerance Thin Film Resistors
355mA Peak, 14V Peak Output Capability
Dimensions: Width 12.5" Height 4.0" Depth 12.5"
Mu Metal Shielded Power Transformer
Fully Discrete Audio Path Using Our SS2590 Discrete Op Amps
Discrete Voltage Regulation Using Our SS78XX / SS79XX Discrete Regulators
Less than 0.1 Ohm Output Impedance
High Damping Factor
16 - 300 Ohm Headphone Impedance
Touch Screen Control
Customizable Touch Screen Colors
All Connectors Are Gold Plated
1.6 uV RMS Noise at 0 db Gain 20 Hz - 20KHz Unweighted
9400uF Per Rail Power Supply Capacitance


Desktop Sources
Playback software: Roon
Primary DAC: Chord Qutest
Secondary DAC for active speakers: Topping D50s or upgraded with Muses02 op-amp
USB cables: AudioQuest Diamond and AudioQuest Coffee

Active Speakers
Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 3 Speakers

Massdrop x THX AAA 789 Amplifier
Bottlehead Mainline DIY kit tube amplifier

Open: Meze Audio Empyrean (may or may not be available at this link)
Open: Focal Clear
Closed: AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon (these may have been discontinued)

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