Empire Ears Bravado MKII Universal IEMs Review

They say the sequel is seldom as good as the original. This may be true for movies, but when it comes to headphones, it's often a different story.

Case in point: The Bravado MK-II in-ear monitor from Empire Ears. Now, the original Bravado is darn good, and it's one of Empire Ears' best-selling IEMs. It's an all-purpose IEM with a balanced signature that performs well with a variety of music. At $599, it's Empire Ears' entry-level audiophile-focused (X series) IEM, but there's really nothing "entry level" about the way it sounds.

The Bravado MK-II retains everything good about the original while getting a big boost in resolution and separation, thanks to the addition of two premium electrostatic drivers.

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