Best Portable USB DACs 2021: Comparison & Review

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Being an audiophile on the road is much easier than it used to be. As technology continues to get better, it also tends to get smaller and more portable. Most importantly the price of the product goes down typically the smaller it is and becomes more accessible to those who might not be ready to spend thousands of dollars on gear for the sole purpose of making their music sound better. Hi-Res audio is now accessible to the consumer too.

USB DACs come in many shapes and sizes. It can almost be overwhelming to know where to start, especially if you are delving into high-fidelity for the first time. Bottom line: using an external DAC is one of the best and easiest ways to greatly improve your audio quality. What are some of the best portable DACs for Hi-Fi? USB DACs are a great place to start, so let's get down to business and check out some of the top USB DACs on the market for your digital music.

0:00 | Introduction
0:14 | USB DACs Overview
2:41 | Important Updates
3:29 | Build Quality
6:35 | Sound Quality & Signatures
9:41 | Features & Specs
10:58 | A Note About Safety
11:33 | Conclusion

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