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Drew shares his top picks for DACs, amplifiers, and headphones as well as the best cables to round our your sound signature.

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Get to the point in this ongoing series uncovering what makes each DAP, DAC, or headphone relevant.

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Moon Audio Videos

Words can only say so much. Sometimes you need to see a product, watch a setup guide, or visualize how something works to understand a piece of audio gear or headphones. Our video content is designed to help you get the most out of your DACs, Amps, Headphones, and Audio Components  and answer any questions that you might have. We have many types of high-fidelity content that are created for your specific needs: unboxing videos, guides and information, reviews, and much more.


Our unboxing videos give you the first-person perspective of opening the  headphones or DAC yourself. Unwrap the box, take the product out, and see it from all angles. What comes in the box? This section in all our reviews can be answered here – all the accessories are shown as well. It’s just like you were opening the box!


Do you have questions on how to set up or connect your new audio equipment? How about how to pick a headphone or IEM? Look no further than our guides and how-to videos. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about your new gear and how it will connect to your existing sound system. We’ll also help guide you on picking the best headphone for you, or if you need an open-back versus a closed-back headphone. How do you pick the right IEM out of the plethora of options on the market? Let us help you. It’s what we do!


Let us teach you the ins and outs for all the latest products. Our staff spends countless hours with each product, learning everything there is to know about the headphone, amplifier, DAC - everything. Read the review but watch the video to see it in person. Don’t want to read the review? Watch the video review where we break down the highlights of the features and specs of each product to help you determine if it’s the right piece of gear for you. See how it compares with other products, learn the best Dragon Cable pairing with your headphones, and much more.


Our Dragon Cables are handcrafted in our office in Cary, NC. Learn about how we make our cables and how they impact your music's sound signature. Our audio cables are compatible with any piece of gear, and we have one of the largest collections of connectors around (for endless combinations). We’ll make sure your custom audio cable is made with high quality the purest materials so that absolutely nothing comes between you and your music. Our Dragon Cables are known around the world, and we’ll show you why so many people use Dragon Cables in their audiophile systems.