USB for iQube

iQube V5 USB Cables

The iQube V5 portable headphone amplifier and Dac is one of our favorite portable USB Dac's under $1000. It has a plethora of digital inputs, an analog input and it will decode almost all digital formats including DSD audio.

Chord Mojo USB iQube Headphone Amp and DAC V5

iQube V5 Connecting To Apple phones, pads and computers

The iQube V5 and older iQube headphone amps do not have an Apple authenticity chip. No Apple chip means you can't connect your iQube headphone amps directly to an Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod or the latest Macbooks.

You will need:

  • Apple Camera Connection Kit (CCK)
  • Specialty Silver Dragon USB Cable for iQube

    Select USB A to USB Mini B (Apple Special CCK) (For iQube V5)

    iQube USB Termination

    The USB cable has been terminated internaly to eliminate the power drain issue caused when a standard USB A to USB Mini B cable is connected between the iQube V5 and an Apple Camera Connection Kit.

iQube V5 Connecting To Android phones, pads and computers

iQube V5 Android Connect Silver Dragon

iQube V5 connected to Android with Silver Dragon USB (OTG) cable Also pictured: JH Audio JH16 Custom IEMs and Silver Dragon IEM Headphone Cable

Android Lollipop 5.x

The iQube V5 does not have USB Class 1 driver support, so the iQube V5 works flawlessly with the USB Audio Pro App, but it will not work with Tidal due to the lack of USB Class 2 driver support. That Android did not include both drivers in their iOS Software Developers Kit is surprising. Hopefully both USB Class 1 and USB Class 2 drivers will be included in future Lollipop upgrades.

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