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Ultrasone Signature DJ Headphones



Moon Audio

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The development of these luxurious Ultrasone Signature DJ headphones drew on the experiences of DJ's from all over the world.

Strong, Emotional, Passionate is how these new Signature DJ Headphones are described by Ultrasone...hear the difference for yourself!

Drew's choice of Moon Audio custom headphone cable for the Ultrasone Signature DJ is the Black Dragon V2 Headphone Cable as it "adds a warmer, smoother tonality with a full and controlled bottom end to the Signature DJ."

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Something all passionate DJs have in common is the desire for an exceptional set of headphones. These unique Signature DJ headphones are the product of this background knowledge, our many years of experience in the professional music business and our passion for high-quality products

The bass-oriented tone quality of the extremely powerful transducer reproduces entirely distortion-free music – even at high volume. Such bass precision and absence of distortion are a result of patented S-Logic PLUS technology. The Signature DJ headphones come equipped with patented MU metal shielding as a matter of course, which in turn reduces electromagnetic radiation by up to 98% – a must for every health and safety conscious professional.

The Signature DJ are the first DJ headphones of their kind with ear and head pads made from Ethiopian sheepskin. Their acoustic insulation and superior wearer-comfort are unparalleled. Another exceptional quality feature of this luxurious leather is its ability to absorb sweat without causing the leather to perish or become porous. In order to underscore the exclusivity and quality of these DJ headphones the name plates are made of toughened glass and imprinted with reflective logos by means of a unique process.

These Ultrasone headphones have been specifically designed for use in clubs but are also perfectly suited for use on the move. The helix cable, delivered as standard, is ideal for professional use and can be used interchangeably between microphone and remote control – enabling the use of mobile devices everywhere.


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Additional Info

  • S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound
  • S-Logic™ PLUS
  • ULE-Technology
  • Safer hearing

Drew's Recommendations

Drew Recommends the Black Dragon V2

Headphone Cable as the best upgrade

for the Ultrasone Signature DJ headphone.

Drew also recommends the Grace M903

Headphone Amplifier, DAC, & Preamplifier,

the Astell & Kern AK100 Digital Media Player,

the Astell & Kern AK120 Digital Media Player,

the Astell & Kern AK-240 DAC Digital

Media Player, or the Vorzüge VorzAMP pure II

Headphone Amplifier for the best quality sound.


  • Principle: Dynamic / Closed
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Driver: 50 mm Mylar
  • Magnet: NdFeB
  • Frequency range: 5 - 32.000 Hz
  • SPL: 115 dB
  • Weight (excl. cord): 300 g
  • 2 detachable cords: coiled cable up to 3,0m, goldplated 6.3mm plug
  • 1,2m straight cable with microphone and remote control, angled 3,5mm gold plated plug
  • ULE technology
  • S-Logic Plus technology
  • Ethiopian sheep skin leather head pad and ear pads
  • Real glass nameplates
  • Transportation case


Mesmerizing performance.Review by Joseph O.
I had a heavy feeling that I would like these headphones, but I had no idea just what kind of performance territory I was entering until I put about 200 hours playtime on these headphones. I am using a Qables IQube V5 hooked to digital input from a modestly priced hdcd transport. I have a Blue Dragon headphone cable going to them and decent power cables. These just might be my "end game" in searching for the perfect headphone.

I would say the standout features of this headphone in terms of sound quality would be soundstage, instrument seperation, exquisite and pleasing mids, very well balanced and focused bass response with a polite yet airy top end. I also own the Ultrasone 880 Performance Series and while those are excellent. These are very much in a league of their own. I have tried a dozen different brands and I think Ultrasone is in the very tip top in terms of quality and value. These are quite the lookers too. Very pleasing to the eye and I have already had many compliments on their looks. Played a song called The Shores of Avalon by Tina Malia for a friend and she said it was like a religious experience.

My favorite genres for these... anything I have thrown at them. If I had to choose the standouts, I would say, Rock, Electronica, Pop, Classical and Blues are my favorite match with em'.

A true find. Drew described lot me as these being not so well known and that they are cult classics. I agree. This headphone and my car have been my wisest purchases I have yet made in my lifetime. Ok so that is a lot of compliments. Are their any negatives? One. They are easy to get dirty when out and about because of the color. I still think the color is worth it though so that is as close to a negative aspect that I can think of. Take care of them and they will take care of you even better.

God bless, Drew and all at Moon Audio. I am a very happy customer. (Posted on 4/28/2017)
Toe tapping bass head cans. Very enjoyable.Review by M2man
The pussycat of the Ultrasone lineup. These are some very non-fatiguing smooth toe tapping cans. Maybe imagine if a Pro900 and a Senn 650 had a baby. I really like how they are tuned. I think the mids and highs are pretty well matched with some nicely emphasized bass. They aren't super fast, so not quite the hit of the Pro900's but with better sub-bass. The highs are rolled off but it's not like there is no sparkle factor. You can play them loud for a long time and they don't bother me at all. They really have a great sound stage too for a closed can. My SS setup doesn't sound huge, even with my LCD-3's, but they do a bang up job. They only thing I find even a little annoying is a 3k hump in there that get's a little "flappy" on a few songs (1 in 30 songs or so). If you are a detail whore or a treble head you can move on.

They are small and light and quite clampy out of the box. Nothing a little man handling didn't cure. They are quite comfortable. The case is really quite nice, which makes me not want to use it.

My pair did take forever to break in. Play them loud and for a long time.

I'm running mine balanced with a Black Dragon V2 Headphone Cable + Au Furutech's. Silver + Rhodium would be the way to cable these phones for sure. I'm listening to FLAC on a PWDII with Mjolnir amp, 90% EDM and the like. If you can handle the price, then easily recommended. (Posted on 2/7/2013)

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