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The PANTHER is the ideal play partner for all Headphones;Headphones from our manufacture. High-… More details

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The PANTHER is the ideal play partner for all headphones from our manufacture. High-quality headphones such as our edition models can only reach their full potential with appropriately prepared material. This is where our PANTHER brings the necessary bite into play: With its high-quality D / A converter, it offers the best sound in Hi-Res quality and provides sufficient amplification. With a playback time of up to 20 hours and compact dimensions, the PANTHER delivers agile high-end sound in a pocket-size format and is therefore an audiophile upgrade for any source.

Sound miracle for on the go

Anyone who wants to enjoy high-quality sound on the go is faced with a problem, because the converter units built into mobile devices often become an annoying bottleneck for an audiophile sound experience. The ULTRASONE PANTHER provides a remedy here: thanks to its AKM 4490 converter chip, the PANTHER tickles more quality from every connected source. With a PCM resolution of up to 384 kHz and 32 bits, the PANTHER is fully Hi-Res compatible and enables unadulterated and uncompressed sound in every situation. At the same time, the PANTHER purrs like a happy kitten in conjunction with the high-resolution DSD process (up to DSD 256).

Compact, strong and durable

The compact dimensions may not suggest it at first, but the PANTHER houses a high-end D / A converter as well as a powerful headphone amplifier. From 16Ω to 300Ω: The PANTHER supplies enough power for a large number of different headphones. The built-in powerful battery with its 3,000mAh also guarantees audiophile amplification over many hours. With the D / A conversion running, the PANTHER has enough stamina for up to 15 hours of continuous playback and for up to 20 hours via the integrated line-in input. At the same time, the PANTHER only weighs 110g and therefore never becomes a disruptive factor on the go.

Versatile in use

Smartphone, notebook or tablet: The PANTHER gets along with a variety of source devices and thus offers real added value in sound for different situations. The scope of delivery includes adapter cables for Lightning, USB-C, Micro-USB and USB-A connections. For maximum flexibility in the choice of headphones, the PANTHER has both an unbalanced 3.5mm and a symmetrical 2.5mm headphone output as well as a gain switch.

* In rare cases, OTG-enabled Android phones may not work with PANTHER. This is due to the individual software programming of each mobile phone manufacturer.

One solution could be to load a third party player (e.g. USB audio ...). This could help play music with the PANTHER.

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Technical Features

Output power:
> 350mW (PO / 32Ω),> 950mW (BAL / 32Ω)
> 115dB (USB OTG),> 101dB (Line-In)
Sampling rate:
32 kHz-384 kHz / 32bit
Supported DSD:
128, 256, 64
Adaptive Impedance:
16Ω - 300Ω
Battery life:
Battery Lasting Time:
> 15h (USB OTG),> 20h (Line-In)
Loading time
3-4 hours
Product dimensions:
115.6mm x 55.6mm x 12mm
Weight (without cable):
3.5mm Line-In, Micro USB Charging Port, Micro USB OTG
2.5mm symmetrical, 3.5mm asymmetrical
DAC chip:
AKM 4490
Connection cable:
AUX, Lightning, Micro-USB, USB-A, USB-C