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Dragon Audio Cables Testimonials

Moon Audio customers share Dragon experiences...

Customers share their Silver, Black and Blue Dragon reviews. Find more reviews on product pages.

David Bruce, online review

“I was never a believer in improvements upgrading cables supposedly made. However, the Silver Dragon V3 made a significant improvement in my Audeze LCD-XC sound. Imaging and clarity are better than with the stock cable. Music sounds more open and 'breathes' freely.”

Dragon Audio Cables Testimonials

Moon Audio Customer Feedback

Silver Dragon Audio Cables Testimonials

Silver Dragon Cables

I didn't know what to expect from an audio cable. I was already happy with my LCD-2s. But I must say everything I read is true: this Silver Dragon V3 Premium Audeze cable just give my Audeze's their freedom! Dirk D, online review

Black Dragon Audio Cables Testimonials

Black Dragon Cables

What a difference the Black Dragon Premium cable for Sennheiser HD800 headphone has made to my listening experience.The headphone cable makes such a difference - well worth the investment. Alex S, online review

Blue Dragon Audio Cables Testimonials

Blue Dragon Cables

I have roughly 36 of the recommended 60 hours of break-in time on the cable; however, I've noticed more depth, separation and refinement to the music over what the stock AKG cable delivered. Frank, online review

Customer Service Testimonials

Customer Service

The Silver Dragon V3 is my 4th purchase from always great service, fast turnaround and a great product. Mark K, online review

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