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Silver Dragons Plus Headphones

Grado SR325 + Silver Dragon V3 Adapter System

Which Headphones Work Best With Silver Dragon Audio Cables

One of our most frequently asked questions is: What headphones work best with the Silver Dragon headphone cables?

To answer this question with confidence, Drew needs to know other information such as:

  • What kind of music does the person like to listen too?
  • Is the person’s budget Good, Better or Best?
  • Is the person interested in knowing why sound can be better or worse thanks to cables?
  • What kind of setting: home, office or travel, will be the main listening environment?
  • What kind of headphone amplifier and music source is being used?
  • Is the person shopping for replacement “cans” (headphones) new to high-end audio, learning about hifi or an audiophile?
Audeze LCD-3 and Silver Dragon V3 Premium headphone cable for Audeze

Why does how you connect your headphones, the audio cables used, impact sound quality so much?

Understanding why Moon Audio Silver Dragon audio cables help great headphones sound amazing is a fascinating three-sided story:

1. Technology

"It's All About the Drivers...whether you're talking about headphones or earbuds, they work a lot like loudspeakers, just miniaturized.

The key element in both are drivers...Most earbuds just have the one driver, though more and more have multiple drivers. That costs more...With multiple drivers also comes a "crossover network," circuitry meant to divide music into different frequencies and route them to the appropriate drivers...multi-driver earbuds typically sound better than single-driver ones, because the woofer, tweeter and mid-range horn are more innately equipped to handle their own domains of sound," Gizmodo, Giz Explains: Why you can't get decent earphones for less than $100.

2. Manufacturers

Manufacturers put all of their research into driver design. And rightly so, it is the most important part of the headphone. Cables tend to be an afterthought and just an ends to a means to deliver a signal to the drivers from point A to point B. Poor quality materials and bad geometries are typically used. This can cause issues from oscillation to microphonics to antennae like characteristics. These are all bad news for sound quality.  Moon Audio on the other hand is a cable manufacturer. We put all of our brain power behind the cable geometries and materials.

We like to use a simple analogy.  When you change the air filter in your car, it helps your engine breathe easier and you get better gas mileage.  The same analogy can be applied with headphones.  Once a high quality cable is attached to the headphones, it helps the drivers breathe easier, get better gas mileage or "sound quality" as better materials, and geometries are being used to optimize the sound of the drivers.

Here at Moon Audio we believe that all parts of the signal path make a difference to the optimal sound of the headphones. In fact, we believe audio cables make a big difference in sound quality.

3. Sound Signature

Each headphone, headphone amp and audio cable has it’s own sound signature. The effects of these sound signatures can vary widely. Moon Audio can help guide you. Drew says some cables sound best with specific music genres, headphone type and the choice of your audio gear .Silver Dragons are excellent for Jazz, Acoustic, Blues and any genre of music that has good separation of instruments. This does not mean the Silver Dragon is not good for other genres it is just a general guideline when no other info is provided. 

Headphone Drivers:  Explained

There are two main types of Earphones or In Ear Monitor drivers:

A dynamic driver works just like a traditional one in a big old speaker. The benefit of the dynamic driver is that it produces a nice bass response, although it can be hard to miniaturize.

A balanced armature driver is pretty common in serious in-ear monitors, since it's easy to shrink down. Originally found in hearing aids, it houses a magnetic armature that moves when an electric current runs through the coil, putting pressure on the diaphragm, and creating sound. It can be, and often is, paired with a dynamic driver.

For full size cans there are typically 3 types:

Dynamic as explained above, this is the most popular approach.

Electrostatic Drivers, which are not as popular as dynamic, and require a bias voltage to charge the drivers. This charge essentially excites the driver and when combined with the normal signal pulse creates a very fast and dynamic sound but often has a smaller bottom end thump.

Planar Magnetic (or orthodynamic) is a hybrid approach that utilizes technology from both dynamic and electrostatic design. Magnets as used in dynamic drivers are used in place of the bias charge to excite the drivers. These have gained a large popularity in recent years and these tend to provide the bigger bottom end thump that electrostatic headphones are missing. Audeze and HiFiMan are two of the most popular planar magnetic headphones on the high end headphone market today.


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