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Silver Dragon Cable + Chord Hugo DAC Bundle


Chord Electronics

Moon Audio

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The Chord Hugo USB reference grade DAC plus headphone amp reference-level for PCD and DSD audio – a world first in audio history.

*Includes 1.0 foot Silver Dragon USB Cable* 

What does this mean for you? You’ll get the highest quality sound out of your digital audio files without losing detail and clarity during signal transmission. 

The Silver Dragon USB cable pulls the digital audio from a computer and transfers it to the Chord Hugo USB DAC. This USB cable is unique as it is capable of transmitting large High Res files that standard USB cables cannot. It uses ultra pure silver conductors, our single crystal UPOCC silver construction for the best in signal transfer.

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Hugo by Chord is the world’s most advanced headphone amp/DAC, offering five digital inputs including A2DP aptX Bluetooth, plus advanced 384kHz PCM and DSD 128 playback for today’s high-resolution DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition) music files. The unit is called "Hugo" (because you can take it wherever ‘you-go’). This new portable hifi audio device offers studio-master-tape sound quality, advanced connectivity and uncompromising file playback capability, all from a palm-sized player. It can also be used both as a portable headphone amp/DAC and a reference-level source component in a static system. Wow, this is why Drew calls this unit a "Gamechanger" in portable audio.

The hugo brings the renowned digital audio expertise of Rob Watts and Chord Electronics to serious headphone listening, enabling consumers to experience a world of super-high-resolution music via their headphones. Hugo offers unsurpassed performance and technology and is unrivaled in the marketplace, thanks to its bespoke technology, FPGA circuitry and advanced file-playback capability. 

Audio Stream Hugo Review 

HiFi+ Chord Hugo DAC Review - Jan. 30, 2014

Sound News Chord Hugo Review - Mar. 13, 2014

Ways to connect:

- Via Bluetooth

- Apple Camera Connection Kit and USB A to USB B Micro cable like our Black or Silver Dragon USB cables

 USB Cables:



Apple CCK:



- Add a Cypher Labs Solo R or DB between the iPad and the Chord

Cypher Labs Solo:



You will need Black Dragon Mini coax cable if you get the Solo:


More Details of the Hugo

The Chord Hugo DAC plus headphone amp is ready to take advantage of today’s advanced studio-master-quality (DXD) music files. Hugo by Chord can decode sample rates ranging from 44.1kHz to 384kHz (PCM), allowing audiophiles to experience music in true high definition, along with the best possible reproduction of CD-quality music. The Chord Hugo also benefits from two advanced USB inputs: one driverless input for legacy USB devices and one asynchronous high- definition USB port for operation up to 384kHz. Thanks to two additional digital inputs, coaxial and optical, any connected component with a digital output will also benefit from Hugo’s advanced technology. 

Building on the strengths on the (two-years’-running) What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision ‘Best DAC’ QuteHD, the Chord Hugo dac also has A2DP Bluetooth capability and uses a custom-made module with the aptX codec to feed a digital signal directly into the DAC circuitry, so even without cables, high-quality music can still be enjoyed.

In addition to 384kHz PCM files, the Hugo by Chord can also process DSD 128 data using the latest DSD-over-PCM standard (DoP). Whether using Mac OS or Windows OS, Chord Electronics’, the manufacturer of the Hugo, own proprietary driver software is provided, removing the restrictions of current operating system audio playback.

Chord's Hugo even has a built-in battery-charging circuit, with a full charge reached in approximately two hours. Hugo takes no power over its USB input (as this is severely limited with many partnering products) and only takes signal data, therefore, Chord's hugo is fully compatible with all iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Further features include an advanced reference-grade digital volume control that does not lose bits.

Like all Chord Electronics products, Hugo is built to last. The casework is precision- machined from aircraft-grade aluminium, with a bright silver hard-anodised finish (note: spotlight image shows titanium-finish prototype). Complementing the design is a top-mounted ‘porthole’ that gives users an intriguing insight into the internal circuitry, which changes colour with differing incoming sample rates. 

Hugo is based upon Rob Watts’ and Chord Electronics’ famous bespoke DAC technologies and is the latest edition to Chord Electronics’ beautiful high-performance product range. 

Important Digital Audio Stream Notice:

The available digital audio stream depends on your device and operating system. For a list of compatible devices please visit http://www.extreamsd.com/USBAudioRecorderPRO/

*Note that some devices need 3rd party software to function. 


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Additional Info


Turn on the power switch. Hugo will cycle through the sequence of colors and then be ready for operation. Select the input you wish to use and plug in the input cables and headphones as appropriate. Adjust the volume to a comfortable listening level.

Driver Installation

If you are using the high definition (HD) USB input with a Microsoft Windows™ Vista, 7 or 8 PC then you will need to install the driver software on the supplied CD or via the chord electronics website. ASIO drivers are also included. Apple™ or Android™ platforms are driverless and do not require any driver to operate.

Bluetooth Input

Hugo can play music via a Bluetooth enabled device. Hugo supports standard A2DP Bluetooth audio or the higher quality APTX Bluetooth audio codec. Select the Bluetooth input indicated by a blue source light and then follow the instructions on your device to pair with Hugo. The pairing code is 0000 if required.

Coax Input

Connect a coax digital signal to the yellow phono socket. Select the coax input indicated by the red source light.

Optical Input

Connect an optical digital signal to the TOSLink socket. Select the optical input indicated by the green source light.

SD USB Input

The standard definition (SD) USB input allows for music playback up to 16bit 48Khz. This input does not require any drivers and will be compatible with nearly all mobile phones / tablets and other source components with USB connection. (USB drivers and USB memory sticks / cards are not supported).

Using an OTG (on the go) USB cable or the Apple™ Camera Connection Kit Hugo can be connected directly to a phone or tablet.

Select the SD USB input indicated by the yellow source light.

HD USB Input

The high definition (HD) USB input is the highest quality method of digital playback. This input is asynchronous and uses Hugo’s own highly accurate clock circuit. This input will support 384KHz PCM/DXD and also DSD64 and DSD128 in DoP format. No drivers are required for Apple™ and Android™ devices but for Microsoft Windows™ you must firstly load the drivers on the supplied CD or download them from our website.

Using an OTG (on the go) USB cable or the Apple™ Camera Connection Kit Hugo can be connected directly to a phone or tablet.

Select the HD USB input indicated by the white source light.


Up to 3 sets pf headphones can be connected at the same time to share the listening experience. There is one larger 6.35mm jack socket and two smaller 3.5mm sockets. The high current output stage will work with headphone impedances as low as 4 ohms or up to several hundred ohms so there are no restriction on headphone type or choice.


Plug in the supplied wall adapter to charge Hugo. The bright white charge light will illuminate through the lens. When fully charged (approx. 5 hours) the charge light will switch off. It is safe to leave the power adapter connected continuously to charge and power Hugo. The charge status is indicated by a color changing light under the lens. Blue is fully charged and this will change through green to red as the batteries discharge. When there is no power left the light will flash red and the output will mute.

Sample Frequency Lights

Each digital sample frequency received will cause Hugo to illuminate different colors to indicate correct operation. The sequence is as follows:

Red – 44Khz, Orange – 48Khz, Yellow – 88Khz, Green – 96Khz, Light Blue – 176Khz, Dark Blue – 192Khz, Light Purple – 352Khz (DXD), Purple – 384Khz (DXD).

White indicates DSD operation at either DSD64 or DSD128.


There are 3 crossfeed modes that enhance the listening experience to give a more spatial ‘out of the head’ stereo sound field. Using advanced filtering and delay the normal headphone stereo image is converted to give the effect of a much bigger sound stage as though you are listening to large loudspeakers or live music. The modes are indicated by the crossfeed light under the lens as follows:

No light – normal mode with no crossfeed, Red light – minimum crossfeed (9dB 700Hz), Green light – medium crossfeed (6dB 700 Hz), Blue light – maximum crossfeed (4.5dB 700 Hz).

Volume Bypass

Press and hold the Crossfeed switch while turning on to activate volume bypass mode. The volume control will illuminate light blue to indicate line level output. Using bypass mode Hugo can be used as a standalone DAC into a preamplifier with volume control. Volume bypass mode will set the volume on all outputs including the headphone outputs to full level. Do not plug in or use headphones when activating bypass mode.




• Optical TOSLink 24-bit/192kHz-capable
• RCA coaxial input 24-bit/384kHz-capable
• Driverless USB input 16-bit/48kHz-capable (designed for tablets/phones)
• HD USB input 32-bit/384KHz and DSD128-capable (for computer/laptop playback; requires driver installation on Windows, others TBC)


• 2x3.5mm headphone jacks
• 1x6.35mm (1/4 inch) headphone jack
• 1x (pair) stereo RCA phono output

Technical specs

• Advanced digital volume control
• Crossfeed filter network
• Battery powered for approximately 14 hours operation
• Input, sample rate and volume level indication by colour-change LEDs
• 26K tap-length filter (more than double when compared to the QuteHD DAC)
• THD: 140dB
• Headphone output: 110dB SPL into a 300ohm headphone load


Something wicked this way comes…Review by Nicholas K.
In the age of digital music, it’s easy to forget the role of the DAC. I would surmise that most people don’t give it a second thought or even know what it is. I was one of them. I’d listen to my digital music player for hours on end blissfully unaware of the inhibited emotional connection that only a high resolution DAC can provide. As the years went by, I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing. I constantly pursued new music on a weekly basis to fuel the flames, but inadvertently became burned out on the overused albums of the past. Where is that magical device that will breathe new life into my music and reinvigorate my passion for the albums I played ad nauseam? Naturally, I threw a proverbial rock at the internet and hit Moon Audio with the answer: the Chord Hugo.

The Hugo is the physical manifestation of a creator who poured himself into a digital framework. Part of me believes that he made the product more for himself being mired in a landscape of uninspiring off-the-shelf DACs; one no more distinguishable from the next. A life’s body of work mounted inside an aluminum chassis designed for the audience that has heard the phrase ‘life changing product’ too many times. I can certainly relate. I too have fallen victim to this claim more times than I can recount, but how many can I say actually lived up? One, maybe two. I surrender to the fact that I’m an insatiable person by nature and each time a new obsession takes hold I begin the search for the ‘best’ to assuage the hunger pangs, but would the Hugo be another fleeting moment of satisfaction? Not this time. The blinking lights dance each time I turn it on and the stage is set for magic, something I find I can’t live without. The Hugo is an unassuming marvel of engineering without pretense. Without equal.

All I wanted was to immerse my in the music while carrying out the mundane tasks of the day, but the Hugo keeps tugging at my heart strings and forcing me to pause mid-key and pay attention to the ethereal presentation of the octaves, the tactile minutia of the triangles, the palpable breath of the artist on the eardrum. I can’t work like this. Nothing is ever going to get finished. Every listen stirs emotions paralleling the pause before descending the highest zip line atop Blackcomb Mountain, Canada for the first time: a momentary collapse in consciousness where you don’t know whether to hold your breath in peril or untether your spirit from the physical world and embrace the moment. I just press play, close my eyes, and Hugo puts me back on the mountain. No hyperbole. It’s that good.

Special thanks to Drew for recommending the Hugo above all else without even taking into account my musical taste, which is a testament to its innate ability to make all layers of the presentation just as the artist intended. The Hugo doesn’t need the best headphones to make your music sound better, but will infinitely reward you with each upgrade of your system. Most people can’t fathom spending so much money on a DAC and yet I’m sitting here wondering why I waited so long. (Posted on 4/14/2015)

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