Silver Dragon Cable + Audeze LCD-3 Headphones V3 Bundle

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This Audeze LCD-3 with Fazor Revision includes the Silver Dragon V3 Premium Headphone Cable. The LCD-3 provides the highest level of audio quality, unsurpassed bass extension, exceptional treble and one of best mid-ranges you will find in headphones.

The Silver Dragon V3 Premium is Drew's ULTIMATE pick for an upgrade in sound quality on the LCD-3.  The Silver Dragon V3 Premium was also a 2013 PFO Writer's Choice Award Winner!

Features steel and leather suspension headband.

This Premium cable is excellent for the Audeze LCD-2 or LCD-3 headphones and includes premium Furutech Rhodium Connectors to enhance the look, feel and listening pleasure of all your hifi music sessions. Higher grade Silver Solder is used and all connectors are treated.  If you want a clearer sound with the best dynamics, detail and tightening up of the bottom end then the Silver Dragon Premium is an excellent choice.

It is a silver conductor based cable and uses 4 x 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver 24AWG Teflon insulated stranded conductors.

Pair these 2 winners together and you have a match made in heaven!

Silver Dragon V3 Premium Details

This Premium cable is excellent for the Audeze headphones and it includes premium Furutech Rhodium Connectors to enhance the look, feel and listening pleasure of all your hifi music sessions. Higher grade Silver Solder is used and all connectors are treated.

"The...Silver Dragon cables…brought me closer to the music…to what I hear in live performances...The air and separation of the musicians and instruments were more noticeable. Vocals became crisper and the transparency increased...I forgot about the cables and just enjoyed the music," Frank Iacone, Positive Feedback, Issue 73, May/June 2014

Moon Audio has improved the conductor properties on the Silver Dragon V3 Headphone Cable over the previous Version 2 as these conductors are free from impurities and have virtually no crystal boundaries. The conductors have almost no distortion compared to ordinary silver conductors. The previous version used 4 x 99.998% Ultra Pure Silver 24AWG Teflon insulated stranded conductors. Therefore, we have stepped up the purity to the purist available by today's technology.

Each conductor is made up of a special varying sized stranded geometry. The silver stranding's are mixed with Kevlar standing's to reinforce the conductor making it stronger overall and less prone to failure due to the harsh constant flexing that headphone cable experience.

Each conductor is encapsulated in a Teflon casing. The conductors are then surrounded by cotton and a thin layer of Aluminum Foil.

It is then protected by a 100% coverage silver plated copper secondary shield and placed in a polyethylene jacket for further protection. To improve it's flexibility, we are no longer using a Techflex jacketing as we did with our previous versions.

A variety of connection options are available for your downstream connection. Moon Audio custom builds these headphone cables in house to your connection specifications.

The cable can be used in either a single ended or balanced design. The wire is soldered to a connectors using high quality Cardas silver solder.

Audeze LCD-3 Details

The LCD-3 by Audeze combines leading-edge planar technology with ongoing design input from Sound Engineers and Audiophiles. Audeze’s manufacturing process, combined with advanced materials and technology, produce extremely accurate and incredible sounding headphones.  When Audeze started designing the LCD-3 professional reference headphones, the goal was very clear, it must be the best and no compromise when it comes to the quality of sound.

The LCD-3 provides the highest level of audio quality, unsurpassed bass extension, exceptional treble and the best mid-range. Innovations Every Day and Audeze aspires to deliver extraordinary products through research.

The LCD-3 is packed with many innovative technologies and new approaches. Audeze uses a proprietary thin-film diaphragm that is housed between a unique super-efficient push-pull magnetic structure.  Through the dedication of the Audeze research and development team they were able to take the best practices of our flagship LCD-2 product and make the Audeze LCD-3 planar magnetic diaphragm even thinner and control it through an even more efficient magnetic structure. 

The ear cups are made from precision crafted, hand-selected Zebrano wood with sloped ear pads made premium lambskin leather. The Premium lambskin ear pads have been designed with specially crafted foam to offer the right amount of firmness and acoustical balance.  With its intense color variation that ranges from light to dark the Zebra Wood (Zebrano) Complements the LCD-3's and was chosen specifically for its appearance, nothing matches the warmth and sheer luxury of natural wood. 

Head-Fi+ Review by Chris Martens, May 05, 2013 

SoundStage! Xperience Review, Mar. 2014

Inner Fidelity Fazor Review by Tyll Hertsens, May 2014 

"I tried a Moon Silver Dragon on my LCD3s (formerly using Black Dragons, which I liked a lot also).  Here are my findings:

1. Major improvement in the bass, which is clearer with more detail and more transparent and well integrated with rest of the spectrum. 

2. More detail in the mids without any harshness or abrasion.

3. Highs nice and extended but not piercing; also fuller highs.  A superb cable for the LCD3s, now making them a top phone for me." Rick, 11/14/12

Each LCD3 comes with:

ADZ6SE Cable (single-ended): ¼” TRS to 2x4-pin mini XLR

ADZ6B4 Cable (balanced): 4-pin XLR to 2x4-pin mini XLR

Ruggedized travel case

Personalized frequency response graph

Warranty is 1 year for parts, 3 years for drivers from date of purchase. Warranty is ONLY valid if product is purchased from an authorized dealer.

Style: Circumaural - open

Transducer type: Planar magnetic

Magnetic structure: Proprietary self-closing design, acoustically transparent

Magnet type: High-grade Neodymium 

Diaphragm excursion: 2.5 mm peak to peak

Transducer active diaphragm area: 6.17 sq in

Sound pressure level (SPL): 130 db (maximum)

Ear pads: Specially designed acoustically shaped foam inserts with premium lambskin 

Frequency response: 5 Hz - 20 KHz, usable high-frequency extension of 50 KHz

Total harmonic distortion (THD): Less than 1% throughout entire frequency range

Impedance: 45 Ohms, purely resistive

Efficiency: 91 dB/1 mW

Maximum power handling: 15 W (for 200 ms)

Optimal power requirement: 1-4 W

ADZ6SE Cable (single-ended): ¼” TRS to 2x4-pin mini XLR

ADZ6B4 Cable (balanced): 4-pin XLR to 2x4-pin mini XLR

Cable length (both): 2.5 m or 8.2 ft

Weight: 548 g (without cable - Zebrano)

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Audeze and The Dragon V.3
It was like lifting an opaque barrier between you and the sound.
The new Silver Dragon V3 Premium Audeze headphone cable provides a cleaner top end and adds an airy quality that immediately improved the real "I'm there" feeling.
Furutech hardware and construction are all top notch. A fantastic improvement to my LCD-2 headphones and I've only played them about 20 minutes.
I'm sure it'll only get better as they burn-in. A++ !!
June 27, 2014
The SD V3 is my 4th purchase from Drew... as always great service, fast turnaround and a great product. Amazing clean and clear sound quality. I am pairing with Audeze LCD-XC, ALO RxMK3B and iPhone 5s for long international travel.

I had been using the Beyerdynamic DT 1350 re-cabled with Blue Dragon V3 which i thought was also amazing. But now, this is really a HUGE step up with the Audeze. Agree with other reviewers... the ultimate enhancement for Audeze headphones.
June 12, 2014
A cable that REALLY makes a difference!
"A cable that REALLY makes a difference!"

I was never a big believer in the big improvements that upgrade cables supposedly made. Sure, I heard differences but they were basically steps sideways as opposed to upward.

However, the Silver Dragon V3 has made a significant improvement in the sound of my Audeze LCD-XC. Imaging and clarity are better, and everything is in more clear focus than with the stock cable. Music sounds more open and "breathes" more freely.

A special thanks to Drew for helping me select a cable best suited to my needs and musical tastes.
June 12, 2014
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