Omega Wood Headphone Stand

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The Omega Headphone Stand allows you to proudly display your Headphones;Headphones on a designe… More details

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The Omega Headphone Stand allows you to proudly display your headphones on a designer wood headphone stand. For use at home, work, and the office! Available in 4 beautiful wood finishes.

"These headphone stands are fabulous...They keep the foam or leather surround from crimping...Excellent product!"

Robert H. Levi

This high quality, sophisticated, designer headphone stand is made in Germany & for use at home and the office plus it's sure to keep your headphones in top shape, on display and ready for use.

The flat surfaces of the Omega headphone stand helps prolong the life of your headphones by exerting even pressure to the earpads which will help keep their shape much longer.

It is large enough to support larger headphones like a Sennheiser HD800, Audeze LCD-X or LCD-3, HiFiMan HE-1000, or the round models by STAX as well.

  • fits most headphones
  • has even pressure for the earpads
  • will not stretch your headphones

"The finish is flawless, the material natural, the design elegantly timeless and simple. You'd say Scandinavian if it weren't German."

Srajan Ebaen,