Drew's Recommendations for Shure Headphones

The Best Dragon Cables for Shure Headphones

Shure offers a wide range of headphones and earphones to fit your tastes and budget. Dragon headphone cables are a great way to open up your Shure headphones and create a wide soundstage.

We have enjoyed Shure headphones for a long time and in that time Drew has developed his preferences for Dragons to pair with certain headphones.

Shure SRH1840

The SRH1840 is Shure's top of the line open-back headphone. They are ideal for mastering or critical listening applications. Because of this, we love the SRH1840 with the Silver Dragon.

Silver Dragon Cable for Shure Headphones V3 Silver Dragon Cable for Shure Headphones V3 For Shure SRH1840, SRH1540, SRH1440, Ultrasone Romeo and Ultrasone Edition 5

The Silver Dragon is a great candidate for audiophile listening sessions and provides enough detail for mastering sessions. With the Silver Dragon you will get an airy soundstage.

Shure SRH1540 and SRH1440

Both of these Shure headphones will pair well with the Silver Dragon or Black Dragon headphone cables depending on which sound signature you are looking for. Learn more about Dragon Headphone Cable sound signatures.

Shure SE846

The Shure SE846 earphones offer extended high-end clarity and unparalleled low-end performance. The best Dragon to go with these headphones is the Silver Dragon IEM.

Silver Dragon IEM headphone cable V1 for Shure*Shure IEM connections have been discontinued * For Shure SE Series IEMs

The Silver Dragon will open up the Shure SE846 and allow the earphones to breathe more, creating a broader soundstage.

The Shure SE846 and Silver Dragon pair well together because Silver Dragon embraces the music playing through the SE846 giving it detail and energy it needs.

Shure Earphones also pair great with portable audio devices like Astell and Kern music players, Chord Mojo and Questyle QP1R DAP.

Shure SE535 and SE425

You can easily choose either the Silver Dragon or Black Dragon for the SE535 or SE425. You can customize these earphones for your specific needs. The Silver Dragon tends to offer a little more clarity while the Black Dragon is a little warmer with a punchier bass.

Silver Dragon for Shure SE535 Silver Dragon for Shure SE535 Earphones

Shure SE535 Earphones + Black Dragon IEM Black Dragon for Shure SE535 Earphones

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